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Automatisk Lobotomering download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Automatisk Lobotomering

Jeg har det bedre med meg selv slik. Respekter min private Eiendom. Det er vel det samme som tidligere. Ett egg som bindemiddel. Havet og Elven. Bil, Ror, og Vei. Stipulert Overskudd her, Stipulert Underskudd der?. Avanse til Bedrifter?. Kalkyler ikke kontrolert. Statestikken for Arbeidskraften opp i mot Statestikken til Kapitaleierne. Monopol, Oligopol, Syndikater, Karteller og Agenturer?. Summen av Handelsbalanser?. Faste Valutakurser, Styrt Flyt, Flyt?.

Innenriks regnskapet og Utenriks regnskapet? Eksport til utlandet billigere og import dyrere. Det skaper ikke kriser i det internasjonale valutasystemet. Der fikk jeg snakke med legen som var Grethe Freim, og fikk medisin som skulle tas hver dag. Det holder meg i god generell fysisk form. Jeg ble redd for legen truet meg.

Han Automatisk Lobotomering at ikke alle mentalt syke skal ha medisiner. Jeg fikk aldri noe valg i forhold til medisinering. Jeg fikk medisiner straks med resept i handa.

Mental sykdom varer hele livet. Min nye psykiater sier motsatt. For many collectors it showed up the first time in Peter Jandreus book from With that background several collectors though that Peter was pulling a prank. On top of it all the re-issue was released on April Fools Day in Interviewing the author, Peter Jandreus, he told us that the met one member by co-incidence on holiday abroad and got a copy. It was a short lived band that worked in the mine in Kiruna in Northern Sweden and pulled together a punk band for a few months.

The press must have been very small, either a larger test press or a promo-press. Few copies have surfaced. We have been in contact with the label that made the re-issue in but have not received any answers on the original release. The owner of the record pictured here was told that the record was given away on a private party second source.

As said — very little is know. Original records has matrix FF-S Of the two copies of the original release we know about one have a large center hole and the other a small center hole pictured here. The audio clip above is from the re-press.

I Beat You. For sure the holy grail for any collector of Swedish punk. Vicious Visions was a two man band from Halmstad but the members moved later to Berlin and took part of that scene. As with most rare records it never shows up on any on-line auction, Automatisk Lobotomering. Most copies are traded within the collector community. There are some copies with misprinted cover giving it a psychedelic design.

There is no insert with this release. The front and rear sleeve look the same. A few of the titles on the list actually have a lower rating than 10 in the books mentioned above but they still command top prices. An observant reader will also notice that occasionally records are sold to prices at EX condition that should guarantee to be on the list. However — it is important to look at many transactions.

Some records has been sold at very high prices but the same record has later also been sold to a very low price. We are conservative in the rating here were we have not seen a repeating high price level. All these records are ranked at least ten points or more. We have limited this list to releases from or earlier. The reason is that after this year, some labels more or less systematically started to make super limited editions.

It is important that rare items have a strong provenance, certainly for sleeve versions. Without provenance these sleeves are often considered to be fakes and therefore worthless and not collectable.

We have focused mainly on pre releases and earlier, but we have a long list of to releases to be updated when we got more time. If you know something more …drop us a comment below. From that a stamper tool is made which later is used to press the actual vinyl record. The test press is a short run press which often is returned to the label to check the sound quality and that it is actually the correct recording.

This sleeve was the first suggested sleeve but it was discarded. There are 3 known copies of this sleeve. This sleeve was released before the official release. Looking at the details, the glued text pieces from the original are quite visual on the official release the background is whiter. This specific copy also has a letter and two photographs enclosed. Approximately 30 of the copies came with this sleeve.

The End never came with a picture sleeve. However — 20 inner sleeves with a stamp and a fingerprint was made. This is an alternate sleeve made in 5 copies. There is an insert with this release. Before that they made a testpress with two songs instead but with the same label as the 4 song release.

At this time we have not received information on the Matrix for this misprinted testpress. This is actually not an official release. As a result it was not released. This is the 4 songs EP that never was released. Of some reason the band decided to cut a Automatisk Lobotomering song record instead.

The later became the Serve You single. As seen above this record became a 3 song EP including a misprint. This is a two song version testpress, 5 copies was made. The songs are Kamikaze and Chock. The label sent the wrong master tape for No Security resulting in 14 tracks the correct press has 12 tracks. The label however made a picture sleeve for the 15 testpresses. This is the Holy Grail!!!! Venerias could not afford to make a seven inch release.

However — they made sure that a test press was made as payment was not expected until the real records were presses. Quite smart, quite punk. Of the four testpresses one is for sure damaged when one of the members became Hare Krishna. Two records are with collectors and the last one … no one knows. Monarki was on the Killed By Death 51 compilation. The rumor is that the B-side is even greater than the A-side but the owners are keeping the secret how the song sounds for themselves.

This has to be one of the most messy sleeve version release we found. The record was pressed in copies with a bunch of sleeve versions A 20 of these copies had a hand colored sleeve picturedinsert included. B 40 copies had an alternative rear sleeve with the band and a monster insert included C A few copies were a two piece sleeve with a different back cover compared to D below.

Another messy release with uncertain facts. What we know is that Hardcore Horror Records pressed between and records. Of these copies the majority have a Xerox cover which is pictured [ here ]. The front and rear sleeve is pictured [ here ]. Finally — to make it more messy. We found one picture [ here ] with Jonsson pictured. The main source for this information is the Shit-Fi web-site and a couple of hard-core collectors.

The remaining sleeves was a Xerox version A-Records release as the Really Fast guys lost their original. Originally a self-released record, but later released on Malign Massacre. We hold the rare Bullshit Recordz release 5 copies which you can read more about here. Here you can find 8 versions of the Shitlickers sleeves Automatisk Lobotomering if you continue there are a couple of more that seems to be total fakes. All with Matrix SL — There is one known copy of this sleeve.

This is most likely an early version of the sleeve. Two promo pictures are enclosed but no letter has been found. Some sleeves are black and white Most copies are blue and white. Before the printed sleeves arrived, the band made 10 sleeves Automatisk Lobotomering this and sold it outside the local liqueur store systembolaget.

On top of that these sleeves came in two different shades of pink. So you read the whole article and can see this text? Unless you knew it before — You are for sure a nerdy collector-scum, just like us!!! Wellcome to the community … [ more ]. Do you know about any more rare releases or do you know anyting more about the stuff above, drop us a message so we Automatisk Lobotomering add it to the list.

I listened to it when An ideal for living had a copy. Before my lazy ass went there again it was gone. It was stamps made of rubber. The reason that all records are not stamped is because it to much time. Kom den ?


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  1. Mikataxe   Bazahn
    However, the label Folk å Rock wanted to release it as a promo with a generic white jacket sleeve and the band disagreed. As a result it was not released. 5 or 6 testpresses were made, they have white labels. The songs are: Fri (side A), Dramelech / Automatisk Lobotomering (side B). Click to expand the image. Kitchen & The Plastic Spooon’s.
  2. Vudodal   Mezigore
    Lobotomi innebär att med kirurgi på hjärnan försöka bota psykiska sjukdomar. Metoden, som fick stor spridning från slutet av talet, gick ut på att skära av nervbanor från pannloben till djupare liggande regioner i hjärnan som är centrum för känslolivet.
  3. Tejar   Nikorr
    Det første noterte forsøket på kjemisk lobotomering var ledet av en jødisk snekker rundt år Han hadde 12 forsøkskaniner som han testet fungicider og koagulert blod på. Romerne så på dette, med sine utdaterte moral og etikk, som barbari og stoppet forsøkene, men da var det for seint.
  4. Bragal   Tojora
    Min lobotomering 1. Posted in Uncategorized by Ronny Gustafsson. År tog överläkaren på neurokirurgen i Linköping det drastiska beslutet att avlägsna delar av det jag hade innanför skallbenet. Jag hade diagnistoserats på medicin i Eksjö för en sannolikt ofarlig hjärntumör. Läkarna i Eksjö frågade neurokirurgen i Linköping.
  5. Tuzragore   Tygolabar
    Aug 11,  · Flera källor till robotens information om omgivningen gör robotens karta mer pålitlig. Sådana kartor som härstammar från flera källor kallas semantiska kartor, och är ett viktigt redskap bland annat för att anpassa robotar som ska arbeta i ett rum tillsammans med mähannaretylasthe.osflamesonsconlampviratolenripag.cog: Lobotomering.
  6. Medal   Tenris
    Mar 30,  · Hvor vanskelig kan det egentlig være. Faen. Jeg skulle sette på vannet på hytta. Har gjort det før. Om vinteren er det avslått på grunn av frostfare. Jeg skrur av en liten rørstubb langs veggen på hytta og lar alt vann som ligger i ledningsnettet renne ut. .
  7. Yozshuzil   Nalkree
    Lobotomi, populært kaldet det hvide snit (svarende til leukotomi), er en hjerneoperation (et kirurgisk indgreb), der har til formål at kurere psykiske sygdomme. Metoden blev udviklet af den portugisiske læge Egas Moniz, som fik nobelprisen i medicin i Metoden blev i senere år udsat stadigt større kritik, eftersom indgrebet efterlod mange patienter svært hjerneskadede og invaliderede.
  8. Tahn   Zuzragore
    Samarbejdende robotløsninger. End-of-arm-løsninger – sensorer, gribere og Quick Changers – gør det muligt for robotter at overtage gentagelsesprægede arbejdsopgaver, og det betyder, at de kan bruges til mere præcisionskrævende og intelligente opgaver, som tidligere var for komplekse til at hannaretylasthe.osflamesonsconlampviratolenripag.cog: Lobotomering.
  9. Goltikasa   Jur
    May 19,  · Grethe Freim (bildet) er avdelingsoverlege ved Åsgård mental sykehus i Tromsø. I mange år har Grethe Freim jobbet med personer med mentale lidelser. En av dem er meg, som fikk mental lidelse siden Som tidligere pasient hos lege Grethe Freim har jeg gjort meg noen tanker om Grethe Freim er en god lege eller.

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