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Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl)

Although Bert's immediate work is best known drumming in his wide array of musical projects he's been involved with such as Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks, Lydia Lunch, and many more since the early s, the focus of his book isn't drum-centric as it is an encapsulation of the artistic world he's developed within.

Starting out with his teenage love of photography and his process of capturing the underground downtown figureheads as well as the emerging unknown no wave bands, Bob was just as much of an enthusiastic fan of music as he was a fixture in some of the most crucial music of the s, '90s, and beyond.

And that's what's really important in the long run, as his excitement for music bursts from each page, providing the springboard to his long-running life in bands on the fringe of the mainstream.

But Bob Bert wasn't just that figure at the intersection of commonality of several pivotal bands with an edge over the last 30 years, oh no. He also has not surprisingly impeccable taste in music and culture, which could only sprout forth in the s with an inevitable 'zine,' and thus, BB Gun Magazine was born.

Spanning from untiland covering emerging underground music, film, and outer artists sub-underground, as well as Hollywood-level impresarios, I'm Just The Drummer contains a wealth of interview excerpts from the elusive original magazines, along with his photography accompaniment. From Nancy Sinatra to Vincent Gallo, and from Suicide to Cynthia Plaster Caster, Bert's undeniable love of his subjects is hard to conceal, and his book is a perfect representation of an ongoing life of true adventure, traveling the world, and illuminating the darkest corners of our cultural curiosities.

Double LP version. Integral in the process was his painting of these earlier drawings, cementing a connection between his visual and musical work. He'd set his mind back to the early morning, and reflect. Conceptually, the album captures how his feelings evolved during a day of working on the album, beginning in the morning and ending as his finished his painting in the evening.

To capture his innermost feelings, he once again puts his voice front and center. It also features the vocals of Menkea young Swedish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist; and Mohnawho has been a staple on his recent tours.

Along with "The End," a final focus track, these singles came together to form the backbone of the album. Also features Josephine Philip and finn. The album features an esteemed group of collaborators and a sonic footprint that channels spectral ambiance, "fourth world" expansions and a gorgeous slow-boiling pointillism. Krononaut are a posse of time-expanding shapeshifters who, in the space of two sessions recorded early last year in London, have managed to produce ten cuts of arresting, deeply immersive instrumental music.

The two men came at it from two radically different backgrounds: Leo, who started off studying classic composition and who, in his own words, "can't play jazz", and Martin, whose playing rests precisely on what he refers to a "jazz sensibility", on everything about interacting within and shaping the music implied by that term.

Like many great multi-instrumentalists on this album he plays basshe was keen to find a frame for the "attitude" they should seek in the session; Leo obliged by playing some Madoh, shamanic funeral music from Tajikistan, whose unique rhythms ended up informing both the guitar and drums on this record. Save for Henriksen's gorgeously melodic, flute-like lines, Krononaut was improvised live with no overdubs.

Yet, these soundscapes never feel jammy or unfocused, possibly because of the influence of another of the album's spiritual touchstones: avant-garde pioneer Morton Feldman. The sessions produce overall a subtle and intricate record that expands with each listen. Pointillistic and often quietly restless. Rough edges butting against discrete spaces. Much has been written about Young Marble Giants ' small, perfect catalog, which contained roughly two-dozen songs, nearly each one a perfect gem.

Less is known about his long wilderness years after the break-up of his first professional band. Then Stuart disappeared. A mids resurgence led to fine albums done on low budgets, before more silence followed. The Devil Laughsrecorded a few years back, is a compelling addition to the canon of the 21st century songwriting.

Nor does the unvarnished solidity of Stuart's arrangements deter Louis from hearing possibilities for their presentation in styles which take inspiration from the perfection of s studio technology that led Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) the rise of Brian WilsonBurt Bacharachalong with less-recognized names such as Bones Howe and Roy Halee.

The Devil Laughs is a small masterpiece of pure expression. At its core this is Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) classic "hip-hop" format LP -- but have you ever heard Creole Sega rap roots music before? Of Creole descent from a group of African islands that transiently have hosted many settlers, west African slaves, colonialists and the potentially indigenous East African-Malagache Maroons; the brothers have an inherent spirit of diversity that runs through their recordings.

Musical influences consist of jazz, funk, blues, and reggae to un-placeable but definite Afro-drum patterns, through to their Golden era rap vocal flows, which have a sure nod to A Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village.

The album's deep grooves overwhelmingly seed optimism, subscribing to a positive future drawn from historically multi-ethnic ancestral lines.

Jeen Bassa has carved out a reputation as one of the leading beat-tape producers mixing up slo-mo, mechanized funk with hues of neon soul and blue, jazz notes. Jeen Bassa's warm and woozy productions stand out in a world saturated with bland Dilla and Madlib esque pastiches. Edition of They stayed at my house for a few days and we became close.

This tour also included Bruce Gilbert of the legendary band Wire who was the opening act and joined them in the van for the entire tour. With Gilbert's nightly improvisations of minidisk field recording explosions running through a Sherman Filterbank, it left a profound effect on Wiltzie and Donne, and led to inspiring internal philosophical discussions on the importance of improvisation. After concluding six weeks in the van, the idea of creating a unique collaboration separate from their other projects was realized.

The duo exchanged tapes over the course of a year and then Donne ventured to Austin, TX for a week to record at Wiltzie's home studio in The in-person collaboration moved much more quickly than the exchange of tracks by mail. The duo took the mysterious name Aix Em Klemm and the self-titled debut was released in the autumn of They still collaborate musically so new Aix Em Klemm recordings remain a possibility.

She speaks of Sour Cherry Bell Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) something of a reckoning with her tools of creation: 'I was curious to see how far I could go with them, even if that meant reaching the ends of their capacity to do what I wanted.

But I never exhausted them and they never exhausted me. The songs sway between twilit shoegaze, downer ballads, and gothic pop, mapping a delicate palette of electric melancholies, though in retrospect she cites as her primary muse the notion of power: 'lost and found, corporeal and cerebral, harnessed and exploited, of one and many, in this reality and the next.

Kiko: "I've wanted to make an album dedicated to the guitar for a long time. As a child, I treated it as a toy. Previously only available in Brazil. CD version includes two additional songs. Double-CD collecting five of Marcus Schmickler 's key-works composed and recorded between and Full color digipak with eight-page booklet; edition of InRichter took an image of his work Abstract Painting and divided it vertically into strips and gave them to Belz who utilized specially developed software operations involving cuts, mirroring and reproduction to create a movie from these images.

Schmickler and Belz worked in parallel, with the film and composition following their own independent logic. Schmickler's idea was to extend Richter's method to divide, mirror, repeat into sound and time. Otoacoustic Emissions OAE are signals in the ear that can be detected with high quality small microphones that are emitted by the cochlea, either spontaneously or in response to stimuli frequently clicks.

Schmickler strived to create a piece that can seem "electronic" to the ear without actually utilizing electronics. The recording has been edited for this publication. I dare to confront the myths of new music in this music theater creation. Layers containing the manifestos of Cornelius CardewGuy Debordand sound materials from six decades of the avant-garde create a collage that utilizes some of the formal principles guiding John Cage 's Europera V ".

Reissue of Hermann Nitsch 's very first release, originally published 48 years ago by Edition Galerie Klewan in a limited edition of copies. It merely portrays the acoustic part of an 'abreaktionsspiel' a play of abreaction. Perception is under duress; sensibility is bending everyday under the barrage of nonsense. One must make note of whom one is and what one has become: look into the mirror of the planet-killers -- psychic cannibals infiltrate and contaminate once familiar and seemingly secure territories What powers these beasts?

What fuels discord and hatred? The behemoth of a 'civil' society? What are the weapons at one's disposal? Generosity is the aegis against greed, empathy is the armor to deflect apathy, love is the club to abate hate And so Castle Face offers this field recording, the Osees Protean Threatfrom the pits as a quick booster between protein pills and recycled sweat beverage anthems to assist the listener to not worship at the altar of violence and greed, to not offer oneself up for free, to stand up and be vigilant!

Truth will not be found in the speeches and photo ops of the overlords -- stand strong and together under the gaze of the oppressors. Stand vigilant, united with those who don't have the same privileges. Demand respect and a peaceful life for all. This recording is at the apogee of scuzz-punk anthem amulets for the ears and heart, a battery for one's core. Be strong. Be human. Be love. Welcome to another polymeter dance!

Feel free to express yourself, subordinate to any measures and cycles you prefer, there are plenty for everyone and any purpose. Every track represents a variety of rhythmic possibilities for any part of the body to communicate with. This allows you to resonate with the universe, but please always care for the environment!

The dunning voice of today will introduce to you the core issues of tomorrow. As if a paralyzed mankind would not be able anymore to speak out the inevitable, a posthuman being has taken over. This entity is the master of ceremony who conducts an array of machines that will take further action to communicate, supported by complex polymeters. The repetition of measures and cycles of different lengths reflect the repeatedly pronounced statements of a narrative of awareness.

Where music visionaries once celebrated the transfer of human creation into machines, Chris Korda 's machines are creators themselves -- creators of a safer dance into the future. The machines speak to you with a sparkling, funky tone to gain your confidence. Here are the rules of interaction: 1 Humans may not injure these machines or, through inaction, allow a machine to come to harm; 2 Humans must obey the orders given by the machines except where such orders would conflict with the engagement in environmental issues; 3 Machines must protect their own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the engagement in environmental issues.

Take care and enjoy the future! Gabie Strong is the founder of Crystalline Morphologies community imprint, dedicated to releasing experimental sound works by historically underserved Los Angeles women, queer, and non-binary artists. She has been working in experimental music since the early '90s.

The recordings on this cassette document a series of live performances from in which the Los Angeles artist Gabie Strong asks, "What does the body sound like when it is making its own music? Each track documents a performative questioning in which Strong suggests that being deaf is not living in silence, but rather it is navigating a highly complex and nuanced soundscape of noise that is audible only to the deaf body.

For Strong, deafness comes from her own skull working against her, closing off external sounds and sending scrambled messages back to her consciousness. Captured at Ende Tymes 9 Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation, Land and Sea Oakland, Volume at Coaxial and the Sagehen Creek Field Station Experimental Forest, Strong layers the kinetic sound of contact mics running over her body and through her hair, ambiguous vocal utterances and amplified guitar feedback to create a visceral soundscape of her body.

Cassette only in an edition of An underground classic! The original motion picture soundtrack for John Carpenter 's Dark Starwith added bonuses that are sure to satisfy all cult sci-fi soundtrack completists of the galaxy and beyond. This limited-edition release includes an LP and a 7".

The former is a remastered version of the original motion picture soundtrack consisting of incidental music, sound effects, John Carpenter's synth experimentations, dialogue excerpts, and vintage interferences extracted directly from the film roll. Plus a very secret hidden bonus track! It all comes in slick Thermostellar Triggering packaging with brand-new artwork and invisible hyperdrive electronics -- the best way to relive the Dark Star adventure and celebrate John Carpenter's first directorial feature film, co-written by and starring!

Let there be light! The nine-tracker is a collection of expertly-produced, instrumental melodic house with lush, ambient soundscapes and a nod to the analog sounds of the '90s. The album has received heavy support from key names in underground electronic music community and is Applescal's sixth studio album to date. Terstappen has been running Atomnation full-time since his early twenties and has shaped it into one of The Netherlands' leading independent labels and a home for an eclectic mix of electronic music including signed artists such as GidgePolynationTunnelvisionsand Sam Goku.

Diamond Skies exemplifies the vibrant sound of Atomnation, a lush, colorful album which journeys through melody, ambience, and emotion while offering an occasional surprise to the senses.

The album was written and produced through and completed in the early days of March when dark skies were looming.

Diamond Skies represents a creative optimism and brings a sense of something to look forward to. Applescal has created a musical dreamworld for a listener to step into as an antidote to troubled times, Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl).

Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) Skies is an album which feels uplifting and effortless, a confluence of melodic house, occasional breakbeat, and ambient energy; the sound of a producer at the height of his powers. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes download card. Born in Hildesheim inhe had previously drummed in fairly conventional rock bands, most recently for Wallenstein. Their label-boss Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser was fond of facilitating jam sessions for musicians on his Ohr und Pilz label, often supplying his 'cosmic couriers' with LSD unbeknown to them, on occasion.

In one such session, the drug inspired something of an epiphany in Grosskopf: 'There I was playing the drums when, in the midst of my euphoria, I realized that I had been imitating other drummers. Suddenly a voice spoke to me: stop trying to sound like Billy Cobham or Ginger Baker. From that moment on I felt liberated, free to drum without having to shine in a particular role. Grosskopf: 'I was completely in thrall to electronic music and the total freedom that it offered.

This was the music I wanted to create. I knew it would be a success, the energy levels were so high. So I sold my prized drum kit and used the money to buy a guitar, amp and echo device. They knew each other from Berlin's electronic scene and recording sessions for the likes of Ash Ra Tempel. It was not until the summer ofhowever, that he finally felt ready to release a solo album.

Synthesist comprises eight instrumentals, recorded largely by Grosskopf on his own. His melodies, carried along by synthesizers and drums, were reminiscent of works by Berlin electronic friends such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dreamas well as those 'cosmic' sessions of the early s -- yet each melody retains a unique timbre.

Synthesist is thus regarded as a classic by electronic music enthusiasts all over the world, evoking a thrilling musical era of the past with equal capacity to excite today. Anomie is the rebellious alter ego emerging from the studio of classically trained composer and producer Sofie Loizou.

Sydney ravers know Anomie as a dynamic presence on the free party scene her set at the last multi-stage Channel warehouse party was cut short by police shutdown ; internationally, she's played at venues across the world including Sonar, Outlook, Low End Theory, Strawberry Fields and Subsonic.

Her career in the male-dominated electronic music industry, Black Boots And Sine Waves - Daniel Wang - Nocturnes (Vinyl) its testerone-based egos and gate-keeping, has required fortitude and defiance. From her debut LP Permanent Revelationinspired by the international uprisings from Tahrir Square to Zuccoti Park, to her most recent single "Fat Chance Sucker", a "middle finger to oppressive forces in our personal lives," Anomie combines a defiant ethic of protest and reclaiming the future with the bass music pulsing through her veins.

Little Boots talked with us about making a record on her own terms, the return of disco, and why she wants to be like Robyn don't we all. Cosmo: Your music lives really well between the dance and the indie worlds—was there a particular sound you were going for when recording this album? Cosmo: You co-write all of your songs, and you've set up your own label, On Repeat, to release this album.

How was that process? Want more from Erika? Follow her on Twitter ErikaBerlin. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.


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  1. Tojami   Gardazilkree
    Nov 20,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Nocturnes on Discogs. Label: Environ - ENV • Format: Vinyl Daniel Wang ‎– Nocturnes Label: Environ ‎– ENV "Black Boots and Sine Waves" bass line sounds influenced by Mikki - "Dance Lover" dub mix. /5.
  2. Nikazahn   Samukree
    Listen to Black Boots & Sine Waves on Spotify. Daniel Wang · Song · Music Duration: 8 min.
  3. Dora   Yonris
    Two unreleased bonus tracks have been added: "Black Boots & Sine Waves" and “Glimmer In His Eyes,” both cult classics from Wang’s "Nocturnes" 12" and previously unavailable on total playing time of the reissue is 71 minutes, over 17 .
  4. Nalmaran   Moogucage
    The first Daniel Wang since 'silver trophies' preserves the sweaty, free disco vibes of his records on his legendary Balihu imprint but with tighter production. the arrangement are at once raw and complex with wang's fascination with jazz and classical music. Check!
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    Daniel Wang - Nocturnes - Vinyl 12 - - US - Original günstig online kaufen bei HHV - Versandkostenfrei bestellen ab 80€!
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    Aug 22,  · The West Wing S03xxE19 The Black Vera Wang. Huikarine Daniel Wang - Black Boots and Sine Waves 12" 0x51d // vinyl records. Kara Wang "Create & Cultivate Launch Party " Black Carpet. MaximoTV. Alexander Wang x Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones Limited Edition (Black And Gold).
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    Shop Idealism Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.
  8. Arahn   Kazralrajas
    May 03,  · Almost four years after her debut record Hands propelled Little Boots into the limelight, electro-pop songstress Victoria Hesketh has returned with a new album Nocturnes.. Produced by Tim Goldsworthy of DFA Records fame and featuring a host of collaborations that include Andy Butler from Hercules and the Love Affair and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford, Nocturnes .

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