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My lips felt so great and it just gave my lips a little shine but was no more than if I had put on some chap stick. As mom dropped me off she gave me a little kiss. Have a great day honey and I will see you tonight, and by the way this weekend I have a surprise for you. I asked what it was but mom just smiled. You will have to wait for the weekend dear. The rest of the week went great. I would get home and do my makeup.

Friday morning when mom dropped me off she smiled and kissed me goodbye. Remember sweetie I have a surprise for you this weekend she said, I will see you tonight. When school was out I rushed right home and was surprised to find mom sitting on the couch waiting for me. It was only a little after 3 and mom was already home, she usually got home at 6. Mom smiled at me.

Come and sit by me and tell me how your day was dear. I sat beside her and looked at her not knowing what to say. Finally she spoke. Well I guess you are wondering why I am home so early, I guess I was just too excited about my surprise for you. She kissed me gentle on my cheek.

Dear you know I love you more than life itself. I started to say something but she held her finger to my mouth. Remember last weekend when you were explaining about why you wanted to wear makeup? I nodded my head yes. You said that you loved the way I was so beautiful and wanted to look just like me? Again I nodded yes. I was thinking we could see how much like me we could get you to look if you are willing to give it a try? I thought for a moment and really wanted to see if she could do better than last weekend when she did my hair.

I smiled, yes that would be great but we looked so much alike last weekend when you did my hair can you really do a better job on my face. Mom smiled and gave me a big hug. Oh yes dear we can do so much better and she took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. I had always loved the way my mom looked in her black dress and heels. I think that is such a beautiful look for a woman but before I could say anything mom took me into the bathroom. First we need to get you ready, you will need to wash your hair and condition it.

Now take off your cloths dear as she turned to the counter to get something. I waited for her to leave but she turned around and looked at me. Well come on honey we need to get you started. I felt a little uneasy but did as she asked. Soon I stood there naked in front of my mom and could feel myself turn red as I wanted to hide. Mom seemed to pay no attention and started to spread a cream all over my body from my neck to my toes and although it was cold I felt a little better as at least I had something covering me up.

Now stand her for a few minutes while I go and get things ready she said and walked back into her bedroom. I could hear her moving around as I stood there in the middle of her bathroom waiting for whatever she was looking for. Sweetheart I heard her say, you can take your shower and be sure and do a good job on your hair. As the water hit my skin it felt different, I washed and conditioned my hair as the water rinsed the cream off my body.

As I started to dry my skin felt so soft and smooth and then I noticed my body hair was gone. I put my robe on and walked back into her room but before I could ask her about my hair she spoke. Hurry honey she said, sit down so I can do your hair. I sat down and was amazed at how fast she had my hair up in curlers and then she put a cap over my head and I felt warm air blowing on my head.

It startled me but she just smiled. As the hair dryer hummed along she started on my face. When she was all done she had me sit next to her as she applied her makeup. I just sat there and watched as I still loved the way she did her makeup.

Once she had her makeup all done we both looked in the mirror and our faces were made up just the same from the perfect eyes right down to the deep red lipstick. Mom sat me down and started taking the curlers out of my hair and brushing it out. We had been at this for almost two hours as it was now When she was all done we stood next to each other me in my robe and her in her skirt and blouse. She had done a great job and we looked so much a like I gave her a hug.

Mom walked over to the bed and picked up both dresses and showed them to me. Honey which one of my dresses do you like the best she asked? Now I must tell you my mom is a beautiful woman and she looked great in anything but when she put on her little black dresses she was what men called a fox. Both were short mid thigh and had small thin straps over the shoulder but one showed a little more cleavage then the other. Mom smiled at me and winked. What great taste you have dear as she came towards me.

You will look beautiful in this dress. I smiled back at her as her words sunk in. Me, wear that dress I asked with a look of fear and excitement both on my face. Up to this point all I had ever thought about was makeup.

I had never thought about trying on her clothes or really looked at them other then how beautiful she looked in them. Why yes dear I was hoping you would let me dress you up so we can see how much we look alike? I was now really thinking about the dress and what I would look like.

Mom came over and took me by the hand over to her bed. Okay sweetheart lets loose the robe. Mom had me step a pair of the black panties and then sit on the bed.

She took a box off the dresser and came back over to me and sat on the bed. She placed her hand on my knee and looked me in the eyes. We can just play with the makeup you love. She was looking right at me. I thought for a moment as I tried to get the words right. I was thinking to myself what a great surprise she had given me. Mom smiled, oh my dear she said.

I told you that you can tell me anything and borrow anything of mine including my clothes and she gave me a big hug. I felt so much better and now I really wanted to see what I would look like all made up and wearing the dress. Now honey there is just one thing though she said. As I said yes she opened the box she held and there were two lifelike silicone breasts. I felt my throat choke up. You mean I get to wear those two I asked?

Why yes dear if you want to look like a young lady you need a little up top shall we say. She smiled, I tried to find an A cup as I thought that would be better for your age but they were out so I got the B cup so you will just look a little older and more developed than a girl your age would be now lie back on the bed. Mom placed them both on my chest and kept adjusting them till she had them right where she wanted them.

Dear hold them right there for a minute. Mom then took the one off my right side and then put it back down but it had a cold feel to it. She put my hand on it. She did the same to my left chest and soon I was holding that one also. She held up the bra and asked me if I liked it and I just nodded again. Okay sweetie sit up which I did still trying to hold the breasts in place till mom could get the bra on me.

Honey she said smiling you must let go so you can put your arms through the bra straps. As I let go expecting the breast to fall they just hung there pulling on my chest. Mom could tell what I was thinking as she spoke up. There fine honey just a little glue they will come off okay.

They felt so heavy but once the bra was on they felt better. How are you doing dear she asked as she opened a package of stockings. I smiled as I looked at my chest. Fine I said. These are stockings dear, not panty hose do you know the difference she asked?

I just shook my head no. She slipped something around my waste she called a garter belt and then threaded the straps under my panties.

Next she very carefully rolled one of the stockings up my leg. It was a light black color with a seam right up the back of the leg. She attached it to the straps from the garter belt and then did the other leg.

She had me stand as she adjusted the stockings till she had the seam straight. I could not believe the feel of the stockings. Mom had me stand and I stepped into the dress and she pulled it up my body what a great feeling as she zipped it up the back.

With the bra and the tight dress it pushed my breast together and gave the most realistic cleavage. I could only think of one girl I knew in my classes at school that had breast as nice as mine.

Did I just think I had nice breast, did I think of them as mine. Mom had me sit down and she started to put the shoes on my feet. I was so amazed at how light they felt. There was no weight to them unlike my normal shoes I wore.

I was all done and mom helped me stand. Now dear she said. These are your first heels and they are a little high. You need to remember to take small steps and try to keep your weight on the balls of your feet instead of your heels okay? I said yes mom as she helped me walk across the room and back. That was very good sweetie, now walk back and forth across the room while I get ready.

I started walking across the room and made it to the other side feeling pretty good as I turned to walk back I saw my mother, she had just taken off her bra and was putting on the black one standing there in just her panties.

I think I was more embarrassed seeing her then when she saw me. Mom looked at me and must have realized what was going through my mind. The comment made me feel better even though she referred to me as a girl. Did you just say us two girls I asked? Mom smiled. Yes dear I mean you look so cute and like my daughter would. I meant it as a compliment. You look so lovely and well I thought you could be my daughter for the evening as a favor to me? I looked at her and could see it meant so much to her and this was such a great surprise and smile.

Okay mom I am your daughter for the night and without thinking I added what is my name. As soon as I said it I knew that sounded wrong. Oh sweetie, thank you. This will be so much fun, you have made my evening. Do you have a name you like dear she asked?

I just looked at her. I have never thought about it I said and again without thinking I said you pick. Mom came running across the room in just her bra and panties and gave me a big hug. Dear when you were born had you been a girl we would have named you Rachel, do you like that name she asked? I thought for a moment and smiled, it did have a nice sound so I said yes. Mom hugged me again. My daughter Rachel, you are such a pretty girl. She then went back and put on the same garter belt I had on and the same stockings.

I was amazed that she could get the seems of the stockings straight on her own stocking. She looked so beautiful. She took my hand and we stepped in front of the mirror and just looked at each other for a while. Neither one of us said a thing, the mirror said it all. Except for the hair color and the fact hers was longer we look alike. Mom finally broke the silence. Oh dear just wait as she ran from the room.

A few minute later she came back with her digital camera and had me stand by the wall. She set it on the table and then came running over to me even wearing her heels I was so amazed. We smiled and the flash went off. We looked at the picture and she took several more, some close ups of us together and then some of just me and even some of just her. She said she wanted a picture of her on her first night with her daughter. The two of us walked down stairs arm in arm I had been unsure of this but I was now having a great time and it added so much to the way the makeup looked on me.

I was as cute as any girl in my class maybe even more so. It was almost 6 pm by now and I gave my mom a big hug. Thank you so much mom I said.

She smiled for what dear she asked? For my surprise mom I said, this has been so great and it may sound strange but I have really enjoyed tonight. It made the whole makeup thing and the way I look so much more special. I love you mom. She gave me a big hug. Sweetie my dear this is not your surprise. I looked at her for a moment. This had been the best night of my life and this was not my surprise.

Sit down Rachel dear and as I did she showed me how to smooth by dress behind me as I sat. I looked down at my hands, she was right. They looked so plain compared to the rest of me. Without thinking again I said, yes I would love to paint my nails. I know dear so I thought we would go and I will treat you to a manicure pedicure tonight, besides although my nails are fine I thought I would also get a pedicure and maybe change the color on my nails.

Would you like that? I was so excited that I said yes before I fully understood what I had said. Mom picked up her purse and then handed me one. I took the purse and then realized we would have to go outside. I froze right where I was. Mom hugged me. Rachel dear you look beautiful. Better than most girls your age.

No one will know anything other than what they see a mom out with her beautiful daughter. It will be fine and we will have so much fun. I had not even noticed but as we were talking she was gentle guiding me to the door. When we reached the door I looked at her.

Do you really believe it will be okay I asked? She smiled. I gave her a hug and out the door we went. As I walked to the car I had this incredible feeling in my stomach. I got into the car and mom just stood there. Rachel dear, that is no way for a young lady to get into a car.

I looked at her and she smiled and had me get back out of the car and try again. After the third time mom smiled at me and told me that was much better. As she drove down the street I was watching the people in other cars as we went by.

It only took ten minutes to get to the salon. As we walked in a very attractive blonde lady came up to us and gave my mom a hug. Hi Tammy, do you have time to fit my daughter and I in for a pedicure and my daughter would also like a manicure I think she is old enough now to start taking care of her nails better.

She smiled at me and looked at my hand. Oh my you do need a manicure dear. She led mom and me over to a big seat. We took our shoes of and then mom helped me with my stockings. We sat down and put our feet into a warm bath of water. She massaged and put lotion on my feet it was such an incredible feeling after that she trimmed my toe nails. When she was all done she asked what color I would like I looked at mom and smiled. Can I have the same red color that my mom has on her finger nails.

Mom smiled at me and the lady doing my nails went and got the nails polish and started to paint my toes. When she was done she led me over to another chair by a little table and started to work on my finger nails. As she worked on my fingers I just watched and was amazed at all the feelings I was having after all I was a boy dressed as a girl and getting a manicure. I looked over and mom was sitting talking to Tammy as the nail tech finished painting my nails the same dark red as moms fingers except my nails were shorter.

I went over and sat next to mom and put my nails under the nail dryer and we all talked. When my finger nails were dry mom helped me put my stockings back on and my beautiful heels and we left.

As we got to the car mom looked at me. Honey she said, how did you like getting your nails done dear. Before I said anything I gave her a big hug. Oh mom it was so much fun and I really loved it, thank you so much. We got in the car and started home. I was still looking at my beautiful nails when I suddenly realized that mom was going into town instead of home.

We pulled into a parking lot in front of a restaurant. Are you hungry dear mom asked me? We went in and had a lovely dinner and spent the time talking like a mother and daughter would and no one seemed to pay us any attention, Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD). When we got home I was on cloud nine and I was walking on clouds. Mom helped me take my makeup off and gave me a night gown to wear for bed.

I slept so well that night as for the first time I dreamt I was dressed in beautiful dresses with my makeup perfect. In the morning I got up and went down for breakfast and mom asked how I slept.

Oh mom I slept so well and I kissed her good morning. After breakfast mom watched as I put on my makeup and helped me get dressed. We spent the day shopping and having a great time. It was so much fun being out wearing my makeup and skirts.

It had been the best weekend of my life and Sunday night I was sad that my weekend was over. Mom came into my bedroom and sat on the side of my bed. Rachel Dear she said, I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did? I kissed her good night, oh mom it was so much fun thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Mom smiled, I love you dear and I loved having a daughter for the weekend and I hope she will come back and spend time with me from time to time?

I smiled back oh mom she will defiantly be here from time to time and with that mom turned off my light and I went to sleep. Over the next couple weeks I was Rachel on the weekends and mom and I had so much fun.

During the week I would put my makeup on every day when I got home and if we were going out I would also be Rachel. By the last week of school I was spending almost all my free time as Rachel except when I was at school.

It was a Tuesday night when mom sat me down. Sweetheart we need to have a talk about Rachel. I got a scared feeling and wondered if mom had grown tired of my little hobby. She smiled at me, Honey you know I love you, both David and Rachel.

I felt better after she said that. Mom smiled again, I need to talk to you both, David and Rachel. You see dear I have to go to LA for the summer to help with the new office my company is opening. I will be there for two months the whole summer. They have a condo that they are letting me use. Now you have a choice to make. We can continue as we are with David during the week and Rachel on the weekend but it may be really hard on you.

You can also be just David while we are down there. I looked at mom. I know it would be hard I said as I could see where this was going. There is one other choice; you could be Rachel for the whole time. I was about to say something when mom stopped me. Just wait dear she said, before you make up your mind if you do choose to be just Rachel for the summer I can help you but it will not be as easy as being Rachel on the weekend.

I thought about it and I really liked the idea. I really want to. Mom gave me a big hug. I want you to know it will not be all fun and there will be some problems but I will help.

If you are willing it should be fun. Then she gave me a kiss I will enjoy having a daughter all the time during the summer. I smiled at her. Mom I do want to be Rachel all summer thank you for letting me. Mom told me she would make all the arrangements for the summer.

The next few weeks all I could think about was being Rachel all the time. Wearing makeup every day and pretty dresses my life was perfect. My last day of school was Thursday and it was only a half day. When I got home mom was waiting for me. Are you ready dear to be my daughter? Yes mom I said with great enthusiasm.

If we proceed from here on in you will be Rachel my daughter till we come back home. That means I will treat you like my daughter and you must act all the time as a girl. Are you ready for that? My love of makeup took over as all I could think about was all the makeup I would be able to wear.

Mom smiled at me but it was a smile I had not seen before as she took me upstairs to start my transformation. In my room were several boxes. When I looked in the first one it had a pair of very realistic breasts.

Mom had me lay down and she glued the breasts on my Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD). The feeling was strange as I stood up without a bra on. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled from now on you will be my daughter. Tagged with daughterhelpmakeupmom. Two Girlfriends. My name is mike and I am 17 years old. I have never had much luck with girls as I am rather small for my age.

I have found most girls like guys who are tall so when I met Mary at the start of my junior year and she liked me I was so happy, my first girlfriend. Mary is beautiful with long blonde hair, long nails and the same height as me.

Everything was great till Thanksgiving. She was going out of town to spend it with her grandma while I stayed home and spent it with my mom and sister Jill. They do all the girl things together including getting their nails done. The Friday after Thanksgiving I went to the mall to look around. As I was leaving the mall I noticed a girl standing by her car crying.

I let her use my cell phone to call her dad and he said he would be there in about thirty minutes. Turns out she is also 17 and a junior at Grant High across town. I liked her and could feel an attraction to her which made me feel a little guilt when I thought about Mary. Her dad thanked me for my help and I left. Hi Mike this is Susie, the girl you helped today. I was caught off guard but managed to say hi.

I want to thank you so much for helping me today. She said she would pick me up Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD) 5 and thanked me again. As I hung up the phone I saw mom and Jill looking at me and all I heard was mom say, did you forget about your girlfriend?

I suddenly realized what I had just done but played it down. She just wants to thank me as friend. Mom just gave me that look. Saturday night Susie picked me up, she was wearing a very tight red dress and heels, her hair and makeup were perfectly done and she had on this incredible perfume.

As we were leaving I saw mom look at me and whisper, just friends? I knew what she was thinking. At dinner Susie would touch my hand or arm whenever she could and every time I got a little chill.

I had such a great time I forgot about Mary. When we got back to my house I thought she would just drop me off but she parked and got out of the car. We stood in my drive for a few minutes talking then she closed her eyes and leaned towards me. As our lips met she wrapped her arms around me and gave me such a kiss. After about five minutes she got back in her car smiled, I had a great time Mike I will call you tomorrow. I walked into the house and mom and Jill were standing there just looking at me.

I knew what they were thinking but told them we were just friends. Jill smiled at me; I wish I had a friend that kissed me like that she said. Mom just smiled so you are going to tell Mary about her.

I told her no there was no reason for Mary to find out and made them both promise not to say anything. Well as time went on I found I had two girlfriends and it was not that hard to manage. As Christmas came around I bought Mary the same perfume that Susie wore so they would not get suspicious, I saw that in a movie. I told Susie I had to work late you know making deliveries and we would go out the next night and do something special.

I thought I should spend it with Mary as we had been going out longer. We went out for a nice dinner and then took a drive up by the lake. Well one thing led to another and soon we had our clothes off and well you can figure out what happened.

It was so incredible and afterwards Mary told me she loved me and I said the same to her which I do love her well we got dressed and I took her home.

The next night I took Susie out and sense the night before went so well after dinner I took her up to the lake too. Well things went the same way and again clothes were on the floor of the car. It was almost the same thing over. We made love and she told me how much she loved me and I felt the same and told her.

We sat there and talked and I found it hard to believe I was in love with two women. As we got dressed Susie suddenly got a strange almost mad look on her face. She held up her hands and was holding up two pairs of pink panties. Hers ones and the pink ones Mary had on last night.

She screamed at me what the hell are these mike, are you cheating on me? You are the only girl I love. I was searching for words and as if out of nowhere I heard my voice say, they are mine. Susie looked at me, yours? I just smiled and looked at her and she seemed calmer.

Yes dear I know how it looks. I felt really embarrassed but nodded my head yes. She thought for a moment, I thought you were cheating on me. I said no I would never do that. She smiled; you better not because if you do you will not like what I do to you. She gave me a little kiss, so do you like the look or the feel of the panties. Her question caught me off guard and unable to pick I said both. She handed them to me and said, put them on for me so I can see. Unable to think I did as she said.

She looked at me sitting there next to her in the hot pink panties. You do look cute dear, promise me you will always wear them and she gave me a big kiss and slipped her tongue into my mouth. When we broke I smiled. Sure you can nobody will see them under your pants; I will even buy you some new pretty ones.

I smiled no they are mine and if you think I can get away with it I would love to wear them more and once again things were great. I drove her home and kissed her good night. She smiled, come by my house in the morning before work I have a surprise for you and be sure to have your panties on.

She met me at the door and gave me a big kiss. She asked to see my panties so I pulled my pants down just far enough for her to see. She smiled they look even better in the light.

She then took out a tape measure and measured my waist. I looked at her and she just smiled, I want to get you some pretty new panties and needed your size. She kissed me goodbye and said I better go before I was late. Mary let me in and I asked her what she wanted to do today as it was Saturday. She smiled and said my parents are gone for the day as we sat on the couch. We can do anything you like.

We started to kiss and things got hot. I started to touch her breasts when she slid her hands down my pants. I was feeling really good when she pulled her hand out and looked at me. I suddenly realized I had on the panties. Before I could say anything she asked me what you are wearing.

All I could think to say was shorts. She looked at me again can I see them? She let out a laugh and I turned red. She smiled I wondered where my panties went.

What made you put them on? I looked for what to say and all I could hear was Susie last night and said; I like the way they look and feel. She smiled; do they remind you of me she asked? She smiled really big, how sweet Mike. You can keep them I will even give you a few more of mine so you can wear them all the time under your pants.

Mary took me by the hand and we went up to her bedroom. She went to her dresser and opened the drawer. She looked at me I have a couple panty sets that I just bought you can have if you like as she pulled out a bag. I said thank you that would be great. She handed them to me and then said oh I guess you will need this to and handed me a pink bra. I looked at her with a strange look.

I looked at the two pairs she had given me and sure enough there was a black panty and bra and a white panty and bra. I did as she said and she slipped the bra and fastened it behind my back. She took off her clothes and stood next to me in just her bra and panties. The bra felt funny to wear but there was something about it that made me feel nice. We spent the day together and had a great time and when I left I was wearing the bra and panty under my clothes.

When I got home Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD) was just putting dinner on the table. I sat down and Jill, mom and I ate. Jill smiled or worse, if my boyfriend did that to me I would do everything I could to make him pay.

I know what you mean I said and they both just looked at me. When it was time to go to bed mom gave Jill a hug and a kiss then she turned to me and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I felt her hand start to pull away and then she slid it down my back. I wondered if she had felt the bra. Mom looked at me; Mike is there something you want to tell me.

Jill was half way up the stairs when she heard mom and stopped to look. I smiled no why I asked? Mom again said I was wondering what you were wearing under your shirt dear? They both looked real close at my shirt as if they were trying to see through it when Jill reached over and touched my chest. She let out a yell; it feels like a bra mom. I knew I was turning red as I stammered for what to say. Mom just smiled again, Mike please take off your shirt. The look in her eyes told me a better do as she said so I slowly removed my shirt revealing the pink bra.

Jill let out a laugh and mom just asked again, is there something you want to say? We sat back down and I explained about what had happened with the panties and how they both thought it was cute and wanted me to wear them. And then how Mary said the bras went with the panties and wanted me to wear a bra too.

Jill smiled, how are you going to explain the bra to Susie she asked? I had not thought about that. Mom just smiled, I guess this is one of those things that pop up when you miss lead people. You need to tell them the truth dear. Well dear then you are going to be wearing a bra and panty from now till you tell them. Tell them the truth or wear this stuff. You mean but before I could finish she said, yes you will wear these all the time till you tell them. Jill got a smile on her face but mom looked at her, Jill you will not say anything about this to anyone or tease your brother or I will find a punishment for you.

Jill just nodded. I went upstairs and went to bed. Susie let me in and said I have your present upstairs. I thought to myself I have one for you too as I felt the bra strap dig into my shoulder. As we walked upstairs I thought how I could tell her. She looked at me and handed me a box wrapped up with a bow.

She smiled would you rather buy them, I can go with you. I smiled as she started to open my pants and saw the black panties. Wow dear you have a new pair did you go shopping. I thought that it and smiled yes I stopped last night and bought them.

She gave me a kiss, you have great taste in panties they look great on you all you would need is a matching bra. I got Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD) panic look on my face and looked down.

She smiled do you want a bra too honey as she smiled. I just said nothing. I quietly said yes and took off my shirt. She gave me a big hug; you look adorable sweetie I made the right choice.

I looked at her as she said open your box. As I opened it there inside were matching bra and panty sets. I thought to myself between the two of them I now had more then I could wear in a week. Things went well for a couple weeks and I had gotten use to wearing the bra and panty every day. Her parents went away for the day and left us alone. I asked her what she wanted to do.

It sounded like a great idea so I said I would run home and get my swim suit. She handed me a hot pink bikini and said this should fit you and she went into the other room to put her bikini.

When she came back she looked hot. She was also wearing a hot pink bikini. Sweetie, it is no different than your bra and panty. Please for me you will be so cute and nobody will see you in the back yard. Its A Time To Find - Bob Trebor (2) - Shes Locked In Your Eyes (CD) kissed me full on the mouth so I went ahead and put it on. We spent the day swimming in the pool and lying in the sun. When it was time to go Susie helped me put my bra back on for some reason she liked helping me.

I kissed her good buy and went home. Mom asked me how my day went and I told her we had gone swimming. I told her no Susie let me borrow and I paused one of her suits. Jill spoke up, was it a bikini I bet you would look great in one?

I suddenly realized how stupid it sounded. I shook my head no. Mom told me to stand up and take off my shirt. I did as they have both seen me in the bra. Mom reached up and pulled on the cup of the bra and let out a little gasp. I was puzzled as she asked me to remove my bra which I did and noticed them staring at me. Mom had me look in the mirror; I was scared because I had the start of a really nice tan except where the bikini top was.

Panic struck me as I thought how I can explain this to Mary. Even without the bikini to get a tan like this would have taken hours out in the sun with just the bra on. That night I had a hard time sleeping as tomorrow I would see Mary. We were home alone and Mary asked what I wanted to do. As I thought she spoke up, it will be hot today so we should stay inside unless you want to go swimming?

She gave me a kiss Mike I am sure I can find something for you to wear. I looked at her well I would have to see what you have first. She gave me a smile, you have been wearing panties and a bra for weeks and you are worried about my swimsuit, I will give you your choice. She pulled out two bikinis, one red and the other pink and asked which I liked.

The red one was almost the same as the one I wore yesterday so I took it and went into the bathroom and changed. We spent the day outside. When we got back inside I looked down and smiled, I think I may have got a little too much sun as I took the top off. Mary gave me a big hug, what lovely tan lines you have. I had pulled it off. A couple nights later I took Susie out for dinner and then back up to the lake. We had not had sex sense that first night at Valentines and I was hoping we could recreate that night.

I was right and things went great. As I dropped Susie off at her home I went around to help her out and she dropped her purse and it spilled on the floor board of my car and the ground. I helped her pick it up and walked her to her door. We had a very passionate kiss and I was on cloud nine as I got back into my car and drove home. The next day I decided to try with Mary so I took her out to dinner and then suggested we take a ride up to the lake. Mary surprised me and said no. I looked at her as she said her parents were gone for the night and we could go back to her house.

As we drove home she kept looking at the floor. When we got to her house she took her purse and picked something up off the floor board. I asked what it was and she just said nothing. When we got inside she put her keys back into her purse and then I saw her staring in it and then she looked at me. Mike can you explain this as she held something up. I looked and said what is it?

I thought it had fallen out of my purse but it is a supper size I use regular. She walked over to me; did you take this from your mom she asked? Let me see what I can do for you. I wondered what she meant as we went upstairs. We went into her bedroom and she told me to strip down to my bra and panties as she went into the bathroom.

She came out wearing just this little pink night gown that you could see through. I was excited as this would be our first time in a bed.

I went over and she gave me a big kiss. She smiled turn around and bed over sweetie. I did as she said and I felt her pull my panties down. She kissed my butt cheek and then said that supper size tampon is just too big for such a sweet little hole but I have a regular that will be just right. I had no choice and said yes. She inserted the tampon in and then pushed it all the way in. There we are my sweetie how does that feel.

I stood up and said it felt really strange we should take it out. Sweetie she said it takes time to get use to this, just leave it in for a while and she kissed me. Roll Me Away Still The Same The Fire Inside Turn The Page - Live We've Got Tonight Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Against the Wind. C'est La Vie. Fire Inside. Hollywood Nights. In Your Time. Like A Rock.

Roll Me Away. Still The Same. The Fire Inside. Turn The Page - Live. We've Got Tonight. You'll Accomp'ny Me. More Albums. Night Moves.


Fall In Love With You - Cliff And The Shadows* - 20 Original Greats (Vinyl, LP), Odotan, Mia Verko - Mia Verko (CD, Album), Noël 2016 - New Poppys - Chanter Pour Rêver (CD, Album), Streetknowledge, Dasein - Demdike Stare - Elemental (CD, Album), Talking To Venus - No Artist - They Came In Outer Space (CD), Money, Money, Money - ABBA - Disco Special 1 + 2 (Cassette), Strings Of A Maniac (Vox Sola Remix) - Alex Flatner - Strings Of A Maniac (Vinyl), Concept 1 - 07:96 (Vinyl), Katia Katarina - Various - Polo Dance Top Relax 2 (CD), Sea Of Swirls - Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit (Cassette), The Shades Of Eternitys Chamber


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    Will tumble through your summer days By design In your time Feel the wind And set yourself the bolder course Keep your heart As open as a shrine You'll sail the perfect line And after all The dead ends and the lessons learned After all The stars have turned to stone There'll be peace Across the great unbroken void All benign In your time You'll.
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    You got so loaded, you thought that she Was the most beautiful gal that you ever did see Yeah, did you ever go to sleep with Bo Derek And woke up with Bo Diddley? Woke up in the morning, to your surprise A couple melons in tube socks, And buggley eyes Yeah, have you ever gone to sleep with Bo Derek And wake up with Bo Diddley?
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