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Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl)

Camp Copperhead is a place where songwriters of all levels can learn, co-write, and workshop, perform for an audience of meaningful peers and learn from true masters of the craft. Visit campcopperhead. Phone and walk-up sales begin May 15 at the Wirtz Center box office. To learn more about AMTP, visit amtp. BMG is the new model music company that represents the traditionally separate music publishing and recording rights off the same state-of-the-art platform internationally.

ISC honors 71 winners total, with prizes awarded to First, Second, and Third Place in 23 categories, plus an overall Grand Prize winner and the People's Voice winner, selected by public vote. An additional winners are recognized with an Honorable Mention. For a complete list of winners go to songwritingcompetition. He lectures at colleges and conferences worldwide.

SB21 Music Publishing is celebrating their first multi-week No. The song claimed the No. Scholarships are available, and there's a discount for Cleveland folks. Registration details can be found at JimBrickman. June Priscilla Renea owns this crossroads. Renea references her recent performance at an industry showcase. I grew up on a farm in Florida. My grandmother had three acres. My uncle Kenny is a black cowboy who rides bulls and taught me how to crack whips.

His son taught me to use a hatchet and a bow and arrow. I wanted to see what would happen if I put out all of my ideas. She notes that she has always been connected to her consciousness of an artist. I never stopped being an artist just because I was writing songs for other people. I went back to when I used to sing the national anthem for everything. Every time I sing the anthem I sing it with a country twang.

It just comes out like that. Get the fuck out of here. I love writing so much that I endured all of the B. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Cameron Crowe is known just as much for his love of music as he is for his films.

It is the first Crosby-focused documentary that received full authorization from the artist. The as yet untitled work is currently in production and will include Crowe-conducted interviews with Crosby that will shed new light on the musician. The film will be directed by A.

For more information, contact Paki. Newell BMG. Wilson and her band performed both solo material and tracks from the Heart catalog. With newly reinvented staging and stunning scenic design, this new version of PHANTOM is performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this one of the largest productions on tour in North America.

Buscemi, the film premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival to critical praise. Physical copies will hit stores on June 15 and will arrive in stores nationwide on Friday, June Contact Kim.

Ballen AtlanticRecords. Starring Chloe Sevigny and Steve. Contact Marisa. Bianco UMusic. Directed and animated by Drew Christie and co-produced by Van Toffler and Bill Flanagan, the series tells lost or forgotten stories in music history with humor and earnestness, and through the voice of Oscar- and Grammy-winning producer T Bone.

The episode series will feature the late Townes Van Zandt, country legend Sara Carter, rapper MF Doom and will tell the story of Leonard Cohen fleeing Cuba after being detained under suspicion of espionage. Applications must be submitted online no later than p.

Pacific on June For complete rules and details, visit bmifoundation. This is a perfect opportunity for a passionate gamer looking to get their foot in the door and assist with game development, design, art, engineering and day-to-day production tasks. Ideal candidates will have a strong knowledge of the video game industry and be self-starters with excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills.

To apply, visit bit. HireArt, an employment agency, is seeking a full-time broadcaster to host live-streaming game shows through a mobile app for a Santa Monica-based client. Candidates must be engaging, tech-savvy and have strong communication skills. A background in comedy, hosting or other live performance is a plus.

For more info, visit HireArt. Broadway by the Bay, based. The general season auditions have concluded, but the company is seeking additional submissions.

To be considered for casting, either submit your casting profile at BroadwayByTheBay. Out-of-town performers are welcome to apply. VEVA Sound is addressing this problem with their latest product, SCP, which is a free plugin designed to work like a virtual second engineer to gather data about recording sessions. The plugin was created after about 20 years of working with producers, engineers and artists in studios, collecting metadata, preserving catalogs and working with major labels.

Abramorama recently announced a deal with Apple Corps Ltd. She is from Nashville, where she started a writing career by freelancing for publications including American Songwriter and Music Connection. Contact her at j. As its Associate Director of Participant Services, Colin Gilbert works with every department at the Fund, ensuring that the correct non-featured background singers and musicians get their royalties.

Additional bilateral agreements are now being negotiated. Sometimes money sits around for a while, Gilbert says. See musicconnection. MC's cameras put a spotlight on a few of the behind the scenes faces that make the music world go around while keeping it on track.

For more coverage: musiconnection. Presented by the Blues Foundation, the awards are recognized as the highest accolade afforded blues music performers.

In this issue, singer Natalie Cole was basking in the glow of her Unforgettable album. Special praise was handed out by coproducers Andre Fischer and David Foster. They were on their way. The progress has been swift and impressive. No, these guys have been on an upward trajectory since leaving school. A Moment Apart upped the ante further still. Debuting at No. Sound-wise too, the album saw the duo take another forward step. Lush and symphonic, and simultaneously moody and relaxing, A Moment Apart could be film score, and yet the songs work beautifully by themselves.

The album tracks fit together and follow a narrative, yet they also work independently. The two weekends saw the group put in visually and aurally gorgeous sets, complete with drones and a killer light show. The sky is the limit. Harrison Mills: Really well. We were scared out of our minds before we walked out there. We had been prepping for that show for four.

We knew we had a lot to prove, so we were just hoping everything went well and people connected to what we were making. MC: After the anticipation building up to weekend one, was weekend two any easier? Clayton Knight: Going into it, it felt like it was going to be; but still, the energy and excitement was quite the same.

The nerves started catching up to us right before we went on, so it felt very similar, and actually the energy of weekend two was a little bit better.

So everything came together. It was really nice. So we try to keep it as focused as possible and, like weekend one, have their A-game going. We treat every show the best we can. MC: How much planning went into it, because the drones alone were spectacular…?

Knight: That took a couple of weeks alone for just the drones. We were lucky enough to have HP Intel help us out with that. It was quite an experience. MC: It looked great from out in the crowd, by the way. Knight: Well, thank you. MC: Coachella sets are streamed live and almost-instantly beamed worldwide nowadays—does that add pressure? Mills: I think the pressure is that it lives forever. Something that you might do spontaneously can be a meme in 10 minutes.

MC: As an electronic duo that pretty much stays with the static equipment, how tough is it to put on a show that fills an enormous festival main stage?

Mills: We think about that a lot. We customize a lot of our music to match the setting of a live experience.

All of our music is meant to be a bit more headphone music and be an intimate thing, and when we make a show we try to jump across all these genres and make it a very communal thing. Just trying to bring that down to just one hour and still touch on all those things is a bit difficult.

We tried to take it in a different direction. We tried to push the envelope a little bit more. So we really focused on songwriting and refining these organic sounds as far as the album goes. We stepped away a little bit further back from that synth production. Something that had some heart to it. I hope we came through that way. MC: How do you think the electronic music scene has changed in general over those six years?

MC: You work with so many people, especially vocalists, on the new album. Which is your favorite collaboration? Mills: We definitely really liked working with Leon Bridges. It felt almost serendipitous. It was just really quick, easy and fun. It all came together really quickly, and it just felt natural.

It felt like the song wrote itself. How did that come about, and how was the experience? We were fans of her forever, and we were talking about trying to find vocalists for the album. And we sent a couple of demos over to her.

After we had sent her the demo for the one that she ended up singing to, she said that she actually wanted to sing it to us in person. When she came through Seattle, we were really Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) to meet her.

We went to her hotel. We rode the elevator to like the 60th floor, knocked on the door. Her husband answered it, her kid was there, we met her family, then we sat down and she just sang the entire song to us while we were just sitting on the couch in her living room.

It was pretty incredible. MC: Where was the new album recorded? Knight: It goes way back. We had some of the material written while In Return was being written. A lot of it was done in Seattle, and then we would go down to L. A lot of it was done in our home studio back in our hometown. It was probably a good six-month process. MC: For the gear-heads, was there any new equipment used?

Knight: Not so much new equipment as newer techniques—trying to push the boundaries there. Using new plug-ins and whatnot. Just re-recording stuff and layering it, layering it——that was kind of our M. We tried to push that envelope a bit more, tried to build these textures and landscapes, soundscapes, that feel really warm and crispy.

Mills: Those are really interesting. It allows you to already have something good, and reinvent it in your own way. I think what I like about it is, people have a reference point already to what that song is. So if you can kind of change how they feel about a song, or take it in a way they never would have thought it would have worked—like if you take a heavy rock song and then you took out the instrumental and made it a ballad—those things are really interesting.

MC: In this world of streaming and downloading and instant gratification, is the concept of 38 June Mills: We really like albums. We grew up on them. I feel like we built a fanbase really around the fact that we build these cohesive journeys.

Hopefully, people have the patience to sit through an entire album with us. I believe it is the future, I think it allows people to understand a sound more thoroughly.

Are you thinking about the next one? Knight: Oh yeah. We travel quite often and tour a lot. Getting in that creative headspace as much as possible is really important. It takes a lot if practice and time to get that stuff right. Mills: Originally, that was just a passion project.

Odessa was the name of a vessel that his uncle was on. Knight claims to have chosen the name BeachesBeaches while high in his bedroom making music. It grew a lot faster than we expected, and has become its own thing now. Harrison Mills studied graphic design at Western Washington University. So quite a bit of touring, as you can imagine. Hopefully some writing as we move forward.

But really focusing on the show, getting it dialed in, making it the production we want it to be, and just evolving as much as possible. Contact Josh Page, jpage shorefire.

Recording drums, however, is definitely one area of the production process that requires a more advanced skill-set. This acclaimed producer-engineer-artist gives you the information you need to get great results. First Things First Many of the most important factors that contribute to a great drum sound happen before I even go and listen to the microphones in the control room.

The first thing we need to do is answer some key questions: what type of drum sound are we going for, modern or vintage, and hence, what kind of drum kit?

How should the drums be tuned, tighter and more high-pitched or deep in tone? And what are the important factors to consider when answering these questions? First, do your homework. Analyze the sounds and styles you like, including the type of equipment used in these recordings. Remember, there are always less expensive options made of the same or comparable materials.

Borrowing and renting are options, as well. Whatever it takes! If you have the wrong instruments you will never get the right sounds. Here is an anecdote to illustrate this point. A little while later, I invited Richie to play on my record, but because I wanted a vintage sound I asked him not to bring his drum kit.

Instead, I had a s Ludwig kit set up for him with no hole in the bass drum, two toms and only two crashes. Richie played differently, as a result, and it turned out just like I was hoping it would. Polarity Check Whenever you record two or more mics at the same time on the same sound source, phase cancellation is a concern. The farther you place a microphone from the sound source the more latent the waveform. As a result, when using both a close mic and a room mic on, say, a guitar amp or several mics at varying distances on a drum kit, you will end up with the sound of the room microphones lagging behind that of the closer microphones.

Recording drums can be particularly tricky because there are often 10 or more microphones on a drum kit, and making sure that they are all in phase takes diligence and experience. The snare bottom will almost always need to have its polarity flipped. This is due to the fact that the mics are pointing directly at each other, polar opposites. Once this is correct, check the overheads with the kick and snare by flipping and un-flipping the polarity of the overheads, listening for the thicker sound with the more solid center.

How can you determine if two mics are out of phase? They will sound thin lacking low endquiet, and sometimes a little bit swirly. In addition, you can zoom in on the waveforms and visually analyze them. Ideally the two waveforms should be moving in the same direction above or below the zero line at any given location, or at least at the beginning of the waveform. This should provide a nearly perfect phase relationship.

The second rule is the rule, and it requires that you place the second mic at least three times as far away from the first mic as the first mic is from the sound source.

So, if the first mic is a foot away then the second should be at least three feet away from the first mic. While listening to both mics, flip the polarity of one and listen. Un-flip the polarity and proceed as you were. If, on the other hand, the sound becomes thin, quiet and or swirly, you likely are experiencing some phase cancellation.

Inverting the polarity likely corrected the problem, and if it sounds good then you can record with the polarity flipped.

Alternatively, you could correct your mic placement. Most DAWs and many third-party plug-ins have polarity switches. In addition, there are both hardware units and software plug-ins that are capable of variable phase, not just degree polarity inversion.

Little Labs makes one, for example. Drum Tuning Drum tuning is another important part of a good drum sound and a very underrated skill. If you are hiring a drummer or even getting a friend to help out, make sure they know how to tune the drums or have someone come in to do it. Please see the illustration. If not, use a drum key to tighten raise or loosen lower the pitch, accordingly.

For example, a spacey ballad usually calls for loose snares, and an up-tempo funk tune with lots of ghost notes usually calls for tighter snares. Although some professional studio drummers will. Drum Treatment Drum treatment is another critical determination of your drum sound. A couple factors to consider are the tempo and how dense the arrangement will be.

If the tempo is slow and the arrangement sparse, I often like to open up the drums and let them ring out a little more to take advantage of the extra space. Taping the bottom heads of toms will shorten the decay without drastically changing the overall tone of the drum.

For more extreme dampening, treat both the top and bottom heads. Keep in mind double-ply heads will be punchier than single-ply heads. Microphone Configuration Mic configuration, or where you place the microphones, can also have a significant impact on the overall drum sound.

Most modern recordings include 10 - 15 mics on the kit, resulting in a crisp, Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl), punchy, detailed sound.

For a punchier kick sound, with more attack, place the kick mic inside the drum head. If you have a third mic, you could put it on the snare or use a pair of overheads in combination with a kick mic. It includes one mic on the kick drum as before and one as an overhead in the middle of the kit above the tom and the third mic just outside the floor tom, peeking across the.

Minimal miking works best when you have a drummer who understands how to dynamically balance the various elements of the kit. This would depend on whether or not I wanted mono or stereo drums. Miking the snare, I usually place the mic at a degree angle, pointed at the center of the snare, about 3 - 6 inches above the top of the rim. Another tip for miking the snare is to point the rejection point of the mic toward the hi-hat as much as possible.

There is often a lot of hi-hat bleed in the snare mic and this will minimize that. If you still have too much, you can gate the snare drum at the mixing stage. And remember, most gates have a parameter that allows you to reduce the bleed by a few dbs without necessarily removing all of it. That would be determined by the style of music and how much ambient bleed you want to retain. If you want a deep modern sub to it, try boosting between Hz.

For more of a vintage thud a harder sound try boosting between Hz. Another key with the kick is the amount of beater attack. I personally like just enough to hear the attack, but I prefer to feel the bottom end weight of the kick. In addition, sometimes cutting between - Hz can add a little extra punch by putting a little extra focus on the lows and highs. Snare: If I want to beef up the snare, I usually try boosting between - Hz.

Toms: For punchy toms, try boosting between 50 - Hz with a cut around Hz. If more attack is needed, I usually find it between 3 - 5KHz. For heavier music you may want to high pass filter the toms, but that can certainly be done at the mix stage. In fact, I often use ribbon mics to record the overheads for this same reason. Sometimes a cut between - 1KHz can increase the clarity. A fast compressor like a DBX or would be a good option for kick, snare or toms.

Try compressing your room mics as a way to create some extra ambiance and excitement. At the mix stage I will usually add some analog saturation for extra character. This is a great way to add excitement to the drums and pull them forward in the mix. Then, make sure the drums are in phase, tuned and treated in a manner consistent with these goals. You can add further punch, character and excitement to the drums at the mix stage utilizing some of the processing tools and techniques discussed.

And, finally, remember that one of the most important factors will of course be the drummers themselves. Corne is the co-author of 5 Star Music Makeover, on which the above article is based. For more information, please visit ericcornemusic. We survey studio owners and managers across the country, including those from major music towns. This year, over 50 studios responded to our survey and the recording business looks pretty solid.

The tumultuous years many studios endured in the recent past causing many to close shop appear to be over. Today, the recording business looks healthier than it has in a while. That is great news for the studio business…and bodes well for the future. That stabilization is good news for the recording business. The need for professional and polished productions continues at an all-time high. It appears that everyone wants the type of high-quality recordings that get deals and produce hits.

Now, it surpasses Internet introductions, and advertising is creating more business than it has in the past. In fact, advertisements in print and online appear to be gaining traction.

Country in Nashville, Blues in Memphis, and Jazz in San Franciscowe noticed a consistent thread over the past few years. It is no surprise that Pop music has maintained its lead for the tenth consecutive year.

The big surprise is that Rock has retained its place as the second most popular genre of music in recording studios. Over the past two years, however, business increased and has remained so in As such, the need for multi-use facilities is less than it was.

This trend is so strong, it has become the new normal. Major labels continue to book the most studio time, followed by independent DIY - Artist-Producer projects. Major label and indie label work held at the same rate as last year.

Other uses photo shoots, video shoots, special events, TV shows, parties, etc. Based on the first six months ofthe recording studio business appears solid. How does one categorize this artist in a word? That would be difficult, as this singer-songwriter seems to inhabit an orbit all by herself.

From start to finish, genuinely relatable lyrics, combined with compellingly poised harmonies set to familiar East Coast beats, makes The Circle the need-to-be heard voice of the millennial generation. Renowned jazz vocalist and longtime Michigan State University educator Sunny Wilkinson celebrates the foundational strength and inspiration of family with a riveting mix of vibrant and heartfelt originals and freshly re-imagined pop classics.

With her co-producer and pianist husband Ron Newman leading her dynamic trio, Wilkinson swings, dreams and waltzes, showcases her expansive range from quietly intimate to wildly soaring high notes and scats with delightful abandon while sharing expressions of love for, among others, her son, her stepson and husband and the beautiful endurance of their marriage.

Unlike its predecessor Every Open Eyethe second studio album by Chvrches focuses more on Lauren Mayberry as the primary vocalist and less on vocal contributions from Martin Doherty. This creative adjustment sets a distinctive mood and pace for their listeners to focus on throughout the entire album. But they were always rockers at heart and this record proves it. Their sound is timeless and sophisticated, with a heavy rhythmic drive by original percussionist Billy Amendola.

All tracks shine with imaginative, thoughtful production and provide truly memorable and exciting moments. Dolores Scozzesi makes a case for creating a national breakout for her deeply inviting and elegant voice and crafty phrasing with this fun, freewheeling set of artfully re-imagined classics.

To be considered for review in the Album Reviews section, you must have a record deal with a major label or an independent label with an established distributor. If you do not, please see our New Music Critiques section. Contact: lynn richlynngroup. Contact: kreativemindinspire gmail. Any show booker on the lookout for an immediately likeable artist whose music conjures a smooth and abiding optimism will find these recordings by Paul Childers to be must-hear material.

And, when set to cool-sounding beats, the payoff is real. Contact: maxwellthompson gmail. Contact: mikematisa gmail.

Karly C brings her powerful vocal pipes to bear on a collection of original pop songs focused on relationship issues. One handicap here is that the mix tends to smother her vocal from time to time. But, like all of her material, it is superficial pop fluff at its core. Perhaps she could focus more on the sincerity and less on the shine?

Contact: juvahnvictoria gmail. Contact: dougdeutschpr gmail. From Australia, artist Juvahn Victoria embraces hi-tech production effects, including Autotune, on these dark, sexy and often exotic-sounding songs whose spare, reductive arrangements mirror cutting-edge pop. This artist is spot-on in terms of her sound and style.

Still eluding her, in our opinion, are songs that are ultimately memorable. It gives her work a remarkable authenticity, especially when backed so adroitly by a seasoned crew of players. Her material, however, is not all it could be. This talented singer has the vocal skills; now she needs to find exceptional material. Number 1 represents the lowest possible score, 10 represents the highest possible score. A final score of 6 denotes a solid, competent artist. For more information, see Submission Guidelines on the next page.

Contact: moonshinesaints gmail. Searing guitar licks, buzzsaw riffs, chesty vocal swagger—these Tulsa boys have cracked the code of country rock. Perhaps a producer with strong songcraft chops could guide these Saints into southern rock heaven. Contact: alex colorwaymusic. It ends with a placid, alt-rock acoustic-guitar outro. Sin Seer deserves a record label looksee. Massachusetts-based trio are a tight unit whose brand of amiable pop-rock is captured here in clean, crisp recordings.

Contact: nekosoto gmail. We advise Soto to scale down this composition and make it at least one minute shorter. We critique recordings that have yet to connect with a label or distributor.

To be considered please go to musicconnection. All submissions are randomly selected and reviewed by committee. Material: As the year-old lead singer of a pop trio, artist The Reasn was once on the verge of signing a lucrative contract with a major label.

But the taste of fame and fortune suddenly eluded his tongue. Due to unexpected turmoil within his band, the recording contract was voided before he could sign it. This spearheaded a series of events that resulted in a brief stint of homelessness, a daring move from New York to Los Angeles, a national tour with B.

Together these three songwriters have created a working relationship that The Reasn compares to The Neptunes. His atypical approach to composing different variations of soul music makes his musicality comparable to artists such as FKA Twigs, Frank Ocean and Miguel.

The Reasn sings in a vocal tone similar to Jussie Smollett, while his vocal range covers nearly three octaves, like the late Freddie Mercury from Queen. If the Reasn can master a spectacular instrument like the electric guitar, it could help maximize the entertainment value of his live shows.

Performance: The Reasn performed within the confines of a small and intimate setting. His black nail polish and genre-bending fashion sense appeared to rouse the interest of his spectators, as the sound of his music navigated through their senses.

Summary: By his own account, The Reasn intends to strongly push the boundaries of style. Hence, the notion of adding a dramatic component to the character of his live shows may help his cause. As an independent artist, The Reasn has already generated nationwide fanfare and the approval of several mainstream musicians. Material: Normally electric, this experimental jam factory hailing from New York embarked on a micro-journey that saw them stripped down to an acoustic trio.

Simple, sticky song structures inspire endless riffs entwined around their natural compositional frameworks, generating oceans of rhythm to lose oneself in forever. Musicianship: Glowing keyboards, savvy guitar and groovy, kiln-fired hand drumming are the basic building blocks comprising this inspired, youthful yet wise project. Contact: info thepurpleplanetjams. Purple Planet. Despite this, their sound deftly services an underserved niche, blending social awareness and instrumental acuity in a patchouli-scented wrapper.

Contact: fardigitalpr gmail. With debut EP Foundation, the pair channels instrumental characteristics similar to Grouplove and new-school Walk The Moon while vocalist Anne DiGiovanni projects clean, peppy vocals to sing-along worthy lyrics.

Foundation is filled with cutesy, bubblegum. However, when you hear her perform live you see and hear her dedication to perfection. Musicianship: Only Bricks comprises a husband and wife songwriting duo whose goal is to release fun, relatable music that can appeal to the masses. Each move by the duo was carefully calculated and almost overly perfected. They sound exactly like their recordings, which most of the time is a very good thing, especially when they bring an extra fire to their live performance.

At certain points, however, it felt as if DiGiovanni was the female lead in a musical theater production. Summary: Only Bricks has the makings of the next big pop duo, especially with the strength and professionalism they bring to their recorded work and live performances. Both artists clearly have the energy, talent, passion, skills and drive to become a highly successful act.

Material: Morty Shallman is a storyteller. Musicianship: In the true fashion of a creative author, Shallman added a disruptive narrative to the commonality of his subject matter at Bar Lubitsch. Instead of tantalizing his live audience with the expected pop-rock and dance-rock aspects of his most recent studio album, he transposed his compositions from Pop Fiction into a lengthy folk-rock set.

In this particular setting, the tracks from his new album resounded from his acoustic guitar like music by Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows and Jack Johnson. The Illinois native played the entire show as a soloist. This would have been a great opportunity for Shallman to use his impressive creativity to take his listeners down an unfamiliar path in his music.

Perhaps an emotional state of mind where he exposes his onlookers to his grief, sadness and anger. Those were the only elements missing from his enjoyable presentation. However, a stream of happy-go-lucky songs can become a dangerous pigeonhole that restricts eclectic artists like Shallman from displaying the diversity of their raw inventiveness.

His recent collaborations with esteemed record producers Jeff Blue and Steve Dresser are almost certain to add more emotional range to the quality of his well-written pop songs. Contact: flyingbedmusic gmail. Another way this artist stands out is with his brand of Americana, rootsy songs, his edgy but elegant look, and a commanding presence that keeps your focus on him. This is key to what makes him effective in a live setting, along with adroit guitar work.

Performance: At times Daniel Daniel seems more spectator than the central figure in his own drama. A narrator who is less the object of the emotions encircling him, than one who delivers the message. Whether by design or happenstance, this style works for him, the emotions driven by the way he uses his voice.

Contact: monica thinkpress. Given the first slot of the night did not afford Daniel Daniel that opportunity; but to his credit, he was able to draw people to him as they piled in for the next act. Summary: Painting visuals with his music, Daniel Daniel is compelling in his delivery, presenting diverse subject matter, the songs not always constructed with the usual formats, but they nevertheless come through effectively in performance. Contact: Risa Mendelson, Web: facebook.

He embodies some of the best elements of classic blues greats, like Little Sonny and Charlie Musselwhite, and presents them in a sophisticated way. He also sings in a direct and emotive manner, with a slight vibrato in his phrasing.

They are some of the best first-call players in Detroit. In a word, this band swings, and the nearly year-old Davis is at the top of his game. American Songbook of traditional blues. First and foremost, his acumen. Performance: The overall vibe of the evening was upbeat and a ton of fun. Mendelson even hopped on guitar for a couple numbers to play supportive, albeit rudimentary, rhythms and licks behind Davis.

Summary: It is obvious that Mendelson is a gifted musician and a young man with a future. It is also apparent that he has done his homework and learned the history behind the style of music he has chosen to pursue.

While it is a given that he has a long way to go, there is no doubt that he is well on his way. Mighty Michael has earned his stage name, as he is a true entertainer that we should keep our eyes on in the years to come. Web: jesikavonrabbit. Rather, going the solo route has allowed her to push her experimental boat out much further. On one hand, her solo sound is more upbeat and poppy. One song sounds like Lady Gaga fronting. Performance: Joseph and Allen are dressed in black and manage to look poetically crazy, like deranged missionaries sporting wry grins.

But Von Rabbit is naturally the focal point. Her face tells a thousand stories while she sings just one song, switching from intense fury to overwhelming serenity in a blink. She and her band put on a genuinely unique, exciting and unforgettable show. It might not be for everyone——on record, some of her music requires a little effort and this is an instant gratification age.

Material: Between andJoshua Tree-based Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) Gram Rabbit, fronted by the inimitable Jesika Von Rabbit, did a startlingly good job of blending pop-electronica with dusty, rootsy Americana and adding a touch. Musicianship: Von Rabbit and Allen, both Gram Rabbit members, are so familiar that they play off of each other effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the rhythm section of Joseph and Kashunk offers a super-tight and occasionally flamboyant frame. Von Rabbit is clearly the leader, and her voice is an instrument in itself. She coos, croons, hoots and hollers seemingly at will, but the whole thing is executed so majestically by these gifted musicians that every second of madness makes complete sense.

Thousands of artists have been reviewed by Music Connection. To read the reviews and get your music reviewed, go to musicconnection. Music Connection does not charge a fee for reviews.

CD development, blog sites and social media tools. Mobile, AL Email: bookings dauphinstreetsound. Avalon Ave. Muscle Shoals, AL Web: fame2. Equipment list available on our website. Huntsville, AL Email: soundcell soundcell. Birmingham, AL Email: don soundofbirmingham. Box Wasilla, AK Email: info fmrecordingstudio. Box Prescott, AZ Email: philippe factsofmusic.

Phoenix, AZ Email: bolenbach gmail. Tucson, AZ Email: contact allusionstudios. Speedway Blvd. Potter Dr. Anchorage, AK Email: surrealstudiosak gmail. Box Kasilof, AK Email: info thewilderhood. MacDonald St.

Mesa, AZEmail: info thesaltmine. Beck Ln. Equipment available on website. Available by appointment only. Contact for more information. Pierce St. Box Fairbanks, AK Email: 10planet mosquitonet.

Ford or P. Fitzgerald Format: digital Basic Rate: please call for info. Austin, AR Email: darian classicnet. Bryant, AREmail: ray crystalrecordingstudios. Clinton, AR Web: facebook. Salem Fayetteville, AR Email: info easthall. Box 17 S. Front St. Drasco, AR Web: raneyrecordingstudio. Box Redway, CA Email: audioevidencemobile gmail. On-Site Production. Lucille Ln. Lafayette, CA Email: mcogan bayrec.

Download at musicconnection. San Francisco, CA Email: jorge differentfurstudios. Berkeley, CA Email: jwood fantasystudios. San Francisco, CA Email: info hydestreet. Box Cotati, CA Email: info prairiesun. North Hollywood, CA Email: info 17hertz.

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North Hollywood, CA Email: info paramountrecording. Web: allentertainment. Vermont Ave. E Fullerton, CA Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) main. Box Chatsworth, CA Email: gussie artismusicai. San Fernando, CA channel all tube inputs large and live tracking rooms. Web: aspensplacerecording.

Analog tape recording available. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA Web: audiomechanics. Directory of U. Tan Rates: please call for info or send an email Services: record production, producing, film, and production deals. We accept unsolicited materials. See our website for demo submission for information. Los Angeles, CA x4 Email: record bedrock. Dayton St.

Pasadena, CA Email: mandy beckermastering. Granada Hills, CA Email: paul bigcityrecording. C Encino, CA. Spring St. North Hollywood, CA Email: studioblue12 gmail. Hollywood, CA Web: theblueroomrecording. A, Email: bnmrecordingstudio gmail. Westminster, CA Email: Britt bombshelterrehearsal. Glendale, CA Email: Vicki thebridgerecording. Vine St. Los Angeles, CA Email: paula. Highland Ave. Northridge, CA Email: charles aol.

Vintage 48 channel Neve Console. Hollywood, CA Email: contact clearlakerecording. North Hollywood, CA Email: info cookuprecords. Torrance, CAEmail: info cuttingedgeproductions. Valley Village, CA Email: davewaterbury yahoo. Large control room and tracking room as well as 2 other iso booths with eye contact from every room in the studio, API, NEVE, UA Mic Pres and large Microphone collection, 88 key weighted keyboard and tons of samples, guitars, amps and Kemper Profiler.

We provide full mixing and production services for clients as well as folks who want someone to perfect their home recording. We can help with minor video production and video editing. Comments: DBW Productions has been in business since and promises attention to detail and a full commitment to your project no matter what the budget.

We have a beautiful, acoustically accurate, studio tucked away in a private park-like location in Woodland Hills and offer a very clean, relaxed, creative environment. Put all that together with our phenominal musical. Long Beach, CA Email: studio dm-gremlin. Box Pasadena, CA Web: thedenrecorders. Glendale, CA Oxnard, CA Email: info drumchannel.

Web: eastsidemanor. Sunset Blvd. North Hollywood, CA Web: echobarstudios. Van Nuys, CA Email: elevatedaudio gmail. Los Angeles, CA Web: facebook. Glenwood Pl. Burbank, CA Email: info paramountrecording. Glendale, CA Web: esaudio. Listen to our podcast on all major platforms fanlink. Listen on. Where to listen. Apple Podcasts.

Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts. Hot drops June Episode Hot drops August As described. Hot drops July Episode Here's our best of selection for July Diversity proof. No fillers. All sub genres included here. If you are looking for the title of a particular track shoot as a message at the usual places.

Details on contacting us below. Episode Want to watch the video version of the podcast? How do they survive? Are they actually broke in or can they still make some much needed revenue to ensure they can continue producing music? Is music streaming services the only solution? Always looking for enthusiastic contributors with a creative edge. Will we EVER rave again together? How Tomorrowland failed its fans in Episode This is the first segment of our review of Tomorrowland's Around The World online festival discussing the reason behind the festival and how Tomorrowland failed its fans and ruined the entire experience.

Making a festival happen is not easy. Apologising for the distress and disappointment the fans experience and putting things right should be standard practice though, and there can be no excuse not to be doing so. Previewing Countdown to the Tomorrowland Around the world live experience Episode Unfortunately, as you can see in the cover art we received a copyright strike from Tomorrowland for showing people around the Papilionem island.

No music was streamed or heard during the videos. This is their future business model. Forget free stuff on YouTube from Tomorrowland. Cancel Culture: Enter Bassnectar Episode On the 29th of June an account on Instagram started posting "evidence" alleging to Bassnectar's past sexual misconduct.

Five days later Bassnectar steps back from his musical career. Is this a rerun of the Datsik drama? Is this the effect of CancelCulture. You decide. Mixmag got woke Politics and dance music do not mix. Mixmag learnt this the hard way. The print edition is no more. Hear our thoughts on this episode and let's start the discussion. Here's our best of selection for June Is this the result of Black Lives Matter? Trax Records finally sued for copyright infringement Episode Larry Sherman RIP finally gets busted.

On Tuesday June 23,attorneys Robert S. Meloni and Christopher M. Why politics and dance music should never mix Episode This is the st episode and today I am here to explain why politics and Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) music should not and cannot mix.

If you are easily offended or prefer living in your echo chamber now is the time to go and not waste any more of your precious time. But if you are interested in a discourse and debate on why it is inappropriate to mix dance music with politics then stay on and listen to what we have to say. With the recent social unsettling in the US at the end of May the ugly head of politics reared its head again, and this time it decided to do so in the dance music community.

Or better to say it was the dance music community or best to say the vast majority of who decided to mix dance music with politics. And my question is why? Who is this good for? Who is this benefitting? And is this actually necessary? The great reset in dance music Episode It is coming. Hot drops May Episode United we stand; divided we fall. More dance music events get cancelled Episode When will it end? Is everyone cancelling right now or what?

Stop being rave babies! Being a rave baby is not. PS: this is stil a podcast about electronic dance music!

News, views, and infective bemuse Episode Oh, and some Dutch DJ making fun of Chinese people. And getting Chiflack. All this and more Hardwell keeps teasing us Episode Hardwell continues his ten year story with the release of a "Best of" compilation today.

And not just that? He has been teasing us for a few months now with the StoryOfHardwell hashtag on Twitter. If you are a fan listen up This was history in the making. Dance music is slowly reaching every corner of this world. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In previous years Tomorrowland was sold out in minutes and now? We discuss what has happened!!!

Part 2 Episode Did you listen to part 1 of 's electronic dance music albums you may have missed out on but worth listening to? If not then go back one episode and listen to that or stay on to listen to this Part 2. We will simply discuss albums that we paid attention to, listened to and the reasons why in Part 1 Episode We are asking just who is Chris Malinchak?

Hot Drops November Episode Here's our best of selections for November All subgenres welcome here News, views and verbal bemuse Episode Next stop EDM "Best of" 's lists are cringe Episode Who needs another "best of" list from the so-called "experts" of electronic dance music?

If you are fed up and cringe at their sight, tune in as Johny Walker is having a rant. Do you agree or prefer having FOMO browsing through these "best of" lists? Ultra drops Phase 1 line up Episode Ultra music festival just dropped its phase 1 line up and there are a few unexpected surprises.

And there are more to come. Stay tuned Hot Drops October Week 4 Episode Here's our best of selections for the second half of October Today's news Hot Drops October Week 2 Episode Here's our best of selections for the first half of October Armin van Buuren's "Balance" album - No B. Johny Walker takes the sledgehammer and smashes all the no-good shills that will give this album a sorry excuse. Fans outrage about the DJmag Top results - bring the heat live stream Episode What's better to pour some salt on these wounds then, than reviewing some memes and social media comments from all you guys.

Join Psykeys and Johny Walker for a fun ride DJ Mag Top awards - Bring the heat live stream! And the biggest technical duck up ever. If you want to be amused listen from the beginning but if you are bored listening to Johny Walker talking to himself then head directly to minute of the episode. And don't forget to check the live stream on our YouTube channel; it makes more sense watching what we are talking about on the audio version.

We predict the 1 DJ in Episode Who does not love to speculate? Who do you guys and gals predict will win this year? Get your votes in Hot Drops September Week 4 Episode Here's our best of selections for the second half of September Check out this week's playlist highlights from: Keep On Rising feat.

Here's some selections that best reminds us of What are your choices? Hot Drops September Week 2 Episode Here's our best of selections for the first half of September Are you ready for the festival season ? And some mou5e news for all you cats out there. Hot Drops August Week 4 Episode Here's our best of selections for the second half of August Check out this week's playlist highlights from: I'm Not Defeated, Pt.

Breaking news: Here's the drop Episode More deadmau5 news? You got them fam Happy 30th Birthday Avicii; 8th Sept. Today, Tim Bergling would have been 30 years old. This is a short tribute to him and his fans. Proceeds from the show will benefit the Tim Bergling Foundation, which champions causes related to mental health and other initiatives. Deadmau5 'n' stuff and that Cube V3 Episode Is Deadmau5 lazy in ?

Is he just pressing repeat on his playlist? Some of his fans think so Hot Drops August Week 2 Episode Here's our best of selections for the first half of August The history of Tomorrowland Belgium Part 3 Episode This is the last part of the mini series discussing the history of the famous Belgian festival. Do leave us a voice-message using the link below as to what your all-time favourite track of Tomorrowland is.

Do you agree with the DJ's choices? The history of Tomorrowland Belgium Part 2 Episode You thought we were done with the history of the festival? One final part to come The history of Tomorrowland Belgium Part 1 Episode Another one for the books? So, how about we go back and learn a bit about everyone's favourite dance music festival. Come with me to explore these long forgotten memories. Freedom stage is now an outdoor stage and other updates about Tomorrowland Episode No Holosphere?

No SHM? What's going on? Breaking news: BacktoBayfront Episode You may have guessed from the title. Nuff said? We need water Tomorrowland, you hear us? What's up Tomorrowland with restricting easy access to water this year? Let's talk about Eric Prydz and Holospheres Episode I am reviewing day one of weekend one Tomorrowland Why Global Journey may be the best way to experience Tomorrowland next year Episode There are so many different ways to experience and enjoy probably the most popular electronic dance music festival in the world.

In this episode we are exploting why Global Journey could be the preferred way for most. Who's the most popular female DJ in ? Clash of the Amazon DJ's Episode With all this talk about female DJ's being under represented in the dance music scene we were interested to find out which female DJ has the most social influence out there? We checked out all their social media accounts and came to a conclusion. Return of the OG ravers: take 2 Episode On our ongoing attempt to document why an older generation is still out there raving we meet up with Master Roshi, a US based raver who's out there living in the moment.

Time to bring that OG vibe back, don't you think so? Easter eggs inside Tomorrowland's Book of Wisdom? We found some interesting stuff inside the hardcover book included in Tomorrowland's Treasure Case? Is this a prank, an Easter egg or just part of the magical story narrated in the book?

Return of the OG ravers: let's bring that vibe back Episode With this th episode we would like to start a new life stories series of podcasts with the aspiration being to bring back the original generation of ravers that have dropped out somewhere along the line.

The group provides a chance to connect, make friends, relate to the shared love of EDM, festivals and trying to keep up with the rest of the younger majority. The group explores the unique challenges older veteran ravers are facing when they want to go out and have fun in EDM means big business, or maybe not? We are discussing the state of dance music in analysing the recently published report by Mr. Kevin Watson. EDM is a business in more than ever. But where is it heading next?

Animal welfare vs. EDM DJ's: because we No DJ's were harmed during the making of this video! So it just happened! Ultra Festival lives but there will not be another Miami edition for the foreseeable future. Hot Drops April Episode Diversity proof, every subgenre included for your aural pleasure. We are bringing, news, reviews, and gossip directly to your ears. Visceral tour cancelled! Who's responsible for educating the fans? Who's responsible for noise and loudness addiction? Join in the debate Marshmello going full sell out mode!

Yes, we did hit episodes, yesterday. Wherever you are listening from, the U. We are not asking you for money we never did and never willbut a share, a comment or a subscription which is free, yes best things in life are free would be much appreciate to keep us motivated for the next episodes.

Tomorrowland Belgium line up preview Episode The winter is ending and festivals are around the corner. Most have already released their line up. Psykeys and Aias23 are discussing the line up of this year's major EDM festivals, check out the newcomers in the festival circuit and spot the trends in this mini 5 episode series. Movement Detroit and EverAfter festivals line up preview Episode Psykeys and Johny Walker are discussing the line up of this year's major EDM festivals, check out the newcomers in the festival circuit and spot the trends in this mini 5 episode series.

Is Porter Robinson racist or just another victim of identity politics? He recently joined the recent trend of EDM artists curating their own festivals. He, therefore, announced with a video his new festival that he named Multiverse Festival taking place in Oakland, California. The video brought some great Worlds-like vibes to his fans much to their delight.

On Twitter and Instagram, there were people name calling Porter, calling him a racist, a homophobe, saying he is culturally appropriating the EDM scene.

This was due to a similarly named festival taking place in Oakland, California. In our opinion a lot of people slinging rocks at Porter have a victim complex, claiming cultural appropriation and Porter using his white privilege to oust their festival. The line-up announced as of today is as follows: Cashmere Cat, G.

It's this time of the year already. Ultra Miami Festival line up preview Episode Hot drops January selection Episode Here's our monthly selection of best tunes for January Joining Johny Walker is Psykeys Loco Mode - Carl Falk - Balance EP (Vinyl) rumours were true-he's back! No safe spaces here. You like electronic dance music and don't know what's lit or douce in the scene? Or even better subscribe to our music podcast now. Watch us on YouTube and Bitchute- bit.

Joining Aias23 is Psykeys the rumours were true-he's back! Public announcement: Psykeys' back Listen up, listen up, we have a major announcement Avicii was murdered Episode No introduction necessary. We can help you. Ninjawerks Vol. Here's our review of the Astralwerks' compilation in collaboration with Ninja, the world famous Fortnite player.

If you don't know what this is about, make sure you check out our previous episode 90th where we discuss the social and business context of this collaboration. Raving meets Gaming: Is this a match made in heaven? When Ninja, the famous Fortnite player touches with his magic wand the EDM scene everyone should take notice. On this 90th episode of the podcast Aias23 and KidBenji are discussing how the worlds of raving and gaming are coming closer together. This was definitely a trend in and in our opinion it is about to blow up inbringing both youth cultures closer together.

Find out why as we discuss the movers, shakers and how Insomniac and MonsterCat is ready to dominate the game. Chatting about all things electronic dance. You love EDM? We are bringing news, reviews, and gossip directly to you. Subscribe to our music podcast now. As promised in our last episode I reached out to my Miami friend Juan who has been many times to Virginia Key and reveals all the local gossip exclusively to our podcast.

Juan is founder of the International Rave Squad. All previous shows are uploaded and can be found on YouTube. Breaking news! Ultra Festival stays in Miami for Episode So if you remember since last year there have been questions about whether Ultra Miami festival will continue in its previous location, which if I may remind you was Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Since its inception Ultra Miami Festival was held for the first 2 years in Miami Beach, in it moved to Bayfront Park, six years later in it moved to Bicentennial Park for the five years, and finally returned to Bayfront Park in where it remained until when Ultra Music Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary with the Swedish House Mafia reunion closing a sell-out weekend.

For the past few years the festival administration was having problem with the local Commissioner and the City Council in renewing the license Ultra held because of the commotion from the crowds roaming downtown Miami before and after the festival and the associated noise pollution. This was not actually the first attempt as there was a similar previous attempt back in A counter petition at change.

As we can see this is not a recent face-off but an ongoing problem. And all this despite the alleged beneficial impact of Ultra to the local economy. If you recall there was a petition since last year to throw the Ultra Music Festival out of Bayfront Park; this petition was run by the local community. The Downtown Neighbors Alliance DNA assembled the petition, an organization that has already made headlines with recent noise complaints and face-offs against other residents and three hour clubs that call downtown Miami home: Space Club, Heart Nightclub and E11even.

What a party poop! When pro-Ultra speakers argued about the historical value of the location, Carollo responded with true insight: "That was a different Miami. The kind of music that Ultra plays is not the same as other venues where the music changes It's thump, thump, thump.

Martin Garrix and Hardwell should stop these risers for fucks sake. When I read all these news about the petitions last year I thought it was just a funny old joke The petition was upheld and Ultra Festival lost its license of holding the event in Bayfront Park. Following its eviction, it remained unclear as to where Ultra Music Festival planned to locate next. Even though tickets for the edition of the festival went on sale the day before the decision was reached.

Until today we really didn't know what was going to happen and whether Ultra Music Festival will actually happen in or whether it would be kicked out of Miami and therefore they had to relocate. I just received an email announcing the new location which.

Check out this week's playlist highlights from: 1. Tiesto Grapevine 2. Antoine Clamaran Bigger 4. Dateless Lose Control 6. LondonBridge Sabertooth Tiger 8. Rootkit Take the Shot 9. Malaa We get Crunk Cheat Codes Home Borgore Are you sure now? Moksi To the sound Aadysi Myth Hydraulix Bump Estiva Rage Race Hot Drops October Week Episode October bonanza!

Check out our playlist highlights from: 1. If you did not believe me after last week's episode check out these 5 tracks. Everyone's jumping on this right now The new sound of Episode It's the new styleeeeeeeeeee The old rave sound is back with a vengeance. Synth stabs, hoover sweeps, breakbeat loops, happy piano riffs, all the early 90's goodness is making an impact with 's producers. Hot Drops September Week 3 Episode Paul van Dyk Music Rescues Me 3. Dezza Six Degrees 4. Eelke Kleijn The Calling 5.

Danny Byrd Salute 6. Salvatore Ganacci Kill A Soundboy feat. Nailah Blackman 7. Phlegmatic Dogs Bounce 8. Chromeo Must've Been feat. Malaa Cash Money


Mulata Sabrosa - Los Llopis - Lo Mejor De... (Vinyl, LP), Out To Sea - John David Souther - John David Souther (CD, Album), ---1 - Ventre De Biche - Untitled (File, MP3, Album), Take Me Away - 7 Days Away - Stigmata (CD), Some Kinda Woman - Traffic - Far From Home (CD, Album), Myslím To Vážne - J.S.S. - Kompromis (Cassette, Album), Heels (Chad Valley Remix) - O. Children* - O. Children Remixed (CDr, Album), Dragoslava Genčić - Čekanje (Vinyl), Do You Wanna Go Party - Kc & The Sunshine Band - Story (CD), One Day (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) - Various - Techno Nights Ambient Dawn (Cassette), Airs Force - Duplex - LWE Podcast 15 (File, MP3), Must Be The Music (Clubmix) - Various - Super Sound Libary Vol. 2 (Vinyl), Leaves That Are Green - Simon & Garfunkel - Welcome In Holland (CD)


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    Check out Balance EP by Carl Falk on Beatport. Check out Balance EP by Carl Falk on Beatport. Check out Balance EP by Carl Falk on Beatport. Genres. Afro House; Bass House; Big Room; Loco Mode Original Mix. Carl Falk. Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard) G♭ maj. $ 2. Funkbeat Original Mix. Carl Falk. Techno (Peak Time.
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