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No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary, On Off-Off On (Take #3). Method 1 of Use alcohol and alcohol-based products to peel away polish.

The stronger the alcohol content the better this will work. Of course, your first move should be to use isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, but there are other products that contain alcohol or ethyl glycol in them. You may have to soak your nails for minutes in the liquor for the best effects.

Use white vinegar, or a vinegar solution mixed with lemon juice, to fight nail polish. Vinegar is an acid and all-purpose, all-natural cleaner around the house. So it makes sense that it could be used to strip away nail polish.

For added effect, squeeze in half a lemon, or even some orange juice, to get powerful citrus cleaning power as well. Soak your fingers for minutes before trying to remove. Use some basic toothpaste to scrub away polish. A dollop of toothpaste is all you need. Then start scrubbing with an old toothbrush or a paper towel.

In general, white toothpastes work best as they lift and pull the color off On Off-Off On (Take #3) nail. Furthermore, toothpaste with baking soda, a well-known natural cleaning solution, often has the best results. Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part hot water and soak for 10 minutes. This means that, if you use roughly one cup of hot water, you use two cups of hydrogen peroxide. Soak in the hottest water you can find, lightly working the nails with your free fingers, then file the polish off with a nail file.

Use a powerful solvent or paint remover alternatively, though it is not recommended. This is not a solution for every day, as these chemicals can be dangerous. That said, they will work to remove nail polish, often just as fast as nail polish remover would.

The following products should be a last resort, and should be applied in a well-ventilated area: Acetone Paint thinner Fluid Thinner [5] X Research source. Method 2 of Apply your chosen product with a cotton ball.

Once you've found a product that can act as nail polish remover, soak a cotton ball or paper towel in that product. Then, gently dab onto your nails on each hand. Add more product to the cotton ball or paper towel as needed. If the cotton ball of paper towel becomes saturated with color, replace it. Let the product sit for a minute. As you're not using conventional nail polish remover, you'll need to let the product sink in.

Leave the product resting on your nails for about a minute. If you've tried this already, or need stronger remover, soak your nails directly in the solution for minutes beforehand, then continue from this step.

Wipe the product off your nails, scrubbing to remove polish. After the product has been sitting for a minute, wipe your nails dry. Once again, use a cotton pad or paper towel. It may take a bit more effort than would be needed with regular nail polish. Thicker or glittery nail polishes may take longer to remove.

You may have to repeat the process if not all the polish is removed the first time. Paper towels are generally sturdier than cotton balls, and may help get rid of some tougher polishes. Soak your hand in hot water, rubbing and chipping at the polish, and try again. Hot water will loosen the polish, allowing you to get another nail under it and remove chunks of polish. This is great for finishing up any last bits or weakening the polish for another round of DIY remover.

Get the water as hot as you can tolerate without burning yourself for best results. You may need to soak for minutes, so put it in while watching some TV and then wipe when the show is over.

Reheat water when necessary. Method 3 of Select another nail polish that will not dry too quickly. Nail polish dries due evaporation of the solvents it contains. Applying the second coat effectively softens these same solvents. This allows the polish to return to a liquid state and be wiped away. The best type of polish for this method is thin and slow to dry. A clear top coat would work, as they tend to dry slowly. Avoid quick dry nail polishes or sprays or drops that cause nails to dry faster.

That said, the rate at which a polish dries is the most important factor. It should be slow. Apply the polish to one nail at a time. Paint the nail, covering the old polish. You do not need to take as much time applying the polish as you normally would as you are going to wipe it off anyway. Do not allow the new polish to dry. If it dries on, the nail polish will be even more difficult to remove which will take even longer.

Wipe the new polish off quickly. Immediately after adding new polish, wipe off the old nail polish. For the best results, use a paper towel. While many people typically use cotton balls when using nail polish remover, you should avoid cotton balls when using this method. They are likely to break apart or get stuck to the wet polish, leaving the polish stuck on. You may have to apply some force for the best effect. While using a second layer of nail polish is effective, it may require slightly more effort than using normal remover to wipe up the old paint.

Repeat painting and wiping until your nails are free of polish. This method may take a few tries before it works correctly.

Keep adding another layer of nail polish and rubbing it off. It may take two or three rounds before polish is fully removed. Difficult to remove polishes, like glitter-based polishes, will require more care. You can then use the DIY methods above to finish removing the paint.

Method 4 of Make a base coat with glue and water. If you struggle to remove nail polish due to a preference for glittery polishes, there is a way to take preventative measures to make removal easier.

This method must be done before you paint your nails but can be a great way to avoid nail polish removal problems down the road. You make a mixture of glue and water that you apply prior to glittery nails. You will need white elementary school glue, an empty nail polish bottle, and water. Fill the bottle with about a third of the way with glue.

Then add water and swirl around until the mixture is thin enough to be spread on your nails. Apply and dry the glue base coat before putting on polish. Paint your nails with one layer of the glue base coat before adding your polish. Wait about five minutes for it to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. If you normally use another kind of base coat, such as one to prevent staining, apply that after your glue base coat. Apply nail polish. When you are done with your glue-based coat and any other base coats you use, apply your glittery nail polish as you normally would.

The glue has hardened on the nail, and the polish hardens on the glue. Luckily, the glue comes off of your nail easily with some force, making it much easier to remove. Soak your nails when you're ready to remove your polish. Place your nails in warm soapy water for a few minutes. You can also run your fingers under a tap while lathering with soap.

This will soften the polish so that it is much easier to remove without damaging your nails. Peel off your old nail polish. You can peel off the nail polish using your fingers. However, you can also use a cuticle pusher, a toothpick, or some other thin, blunt object if you're having trouble doing so. Gently push it under the nail polish at the base of your nail until the old polish slides off. It should be easy to pop off completely all in one sheet.

Most solvent-based nail polish removers are somewhat irritating or drying to your skin and nails. Household alternatives like vinegar, toothpaste, or lemon juice are all relatively gentle. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Acetone can dry out your skin and nails, eventually causing your nails to split or your skin to flake and peel.

You can also get acetone-based polish removers that include moisturizing ingredients. Padma Balaji. You could take sugar and drop it on the nail polish while it's still wet. This will allow you to scrape it off, leaving no residue. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Soak it in warm water for a good 5 minutes first, then just use soap to clean or use rubbing alcohol.

Not Helpful 70 Helpful Not Helpful 86 Helpful The best type of glue for the nail polish base is home and school glue, which is white.

Not Helpful 41 Helpful As long as it won't burn your skin, any type of alcohol including drinking alcohol spirits or just alcohol based products should work. However, avoid alcohol with high sugar content such as liqueurs and low-alcohol content such as beer or wine as they won't work or will leave sticky residue. Not Helpful 75 Helpful Wet the surface, add toothpaste anything white but not gel letting it sit, then wipe it off.

I just wonder if this stuff contains tramadol because nothing has worked for me because the subutex seems to block everything. Also, I did try the vicodin and thought it might work but after days I realized that the vicodins were not working and I didn't want to keep taking them and end up hurting my liver.

This is just the biggest nightmare ever. I have a very good friend now who is helping me but the fact is you just have to take it slow and there's no immediate cure.

I was put on this for depression and had no idea this could ever happen. My husband was upset the other night and kept asking me why I didn't look into it further before I took it. I trusted the doctor, plus I got off of it that time after 8 months being on it by just tapering a half pill every days and I went back to normal. I'm so sick of being sick.

I really wish the doctors knew how to prescribe this medication. Good luck to you and feel free to write back. I don't understand how people can blame the doctors for not telling them about how hard it is to come off of this medication. I don't care what medicine it is, or what doctor prescribes it for me I always go home and look it up on the internet and do my research before ingesting anything. It is your own responsibility to do your own research on what you are putting into your body.

It's just common sense. The doctor didn't force you to put any pill into your mouth. It is up to you, the patient, to weigh the pros and cons of each med you take to decide if it is worth taking it. Doctors don't have hours to spend babysitting each patient they see every day. For most people on Suboxone, it is worth having to do a long, slow taper in order to get out of the hell of addiction that they are in.

Suboxone is not an evil drug Yes, doctors overprescribe it, telling you that you need way more mgs than most people really need, but again, do your research. Whatnthe poster said was her dr. Misinformed her. If you look up this drug in the drug guides etc. There are no horror story withdrawals for subs. You do not learn this until or unless you start reading blogs. Alot of people do not do or trust this when they have a trusted Dr.

Swearing they wont have withdrawals. My dr. Put me on subs low dose for pain control! I drilled both him and the pharmacist about side effect an desp. I researched my drug guides and found the same answers. It wasnt until I felt ill from it and just stopped taking it did I stumble upon these sites. Like I said, Dr's and other hcps have more responsibilities than you are stating.

Patients share some too, but should be able to get their questions answered properly by their healthcare team and dont. Btw the dr is suppose to let you know what the drug is ,side effectshow to administer itif u should eat with it etc. So what do you do when the clinic gives you the boot at 16mg a day? They required me to go into in patient due to high benzo levels and I simply cannot because i am a single dad of two kids and I have nobody to even list for emergency contact let alone foster kids for a month.

I'm commenting because i too am in the same situation and need an answer. I'm very educated on my addiction and suboxone, so i dont need any advice about it, just need to know what a good regimen of opiates would be for getting off suboxone.

I looked this up for the exact same reason and found nothing useful yet Your post is a year old and wanted to know if you were successful? Any advice? I started to feel a little weird so I took a vic after 22 hrs of no sub and feel decent. Can you tell me anything else, thanks so much:.

I dont know where people are getting their information that suboxone has this awful withdrawal that lasts for a month So going back to opiates for even a week is a really stupid idea. Taper down off the subs. Youre just trying to give yourself an excuse to go get high for another week.

Come on. Methadone - I withdrew for almost a month. Worst feeling of my LIFE. It does have a longer half life, but it is only a partial agonist, which is the part that makes it so easy to get off suboxone.

If you think that sub withdrawals are bad And a doctor who prescribes you opiod medications to get off of suboxone which you were taking to get off of opiods could lose his license for prescribing opiates to a known opiate addict Its always the same.

I see this post is a few years old. I am looking for positive feedback on how to taper off with minimal discomfort. I was taking 1 sub a day 8mg. Thank you cleandream09 for voicing that, this individual asked for help not a friggin lecture! You took the words out of my mouth. I have gotten down to. I was able to miss my two pm a couple of times trying to get to. I just keep trying to make each piece smaller also I quit trying to measure the Peace's so I might be under.

Dear radical, I know ur scared about wd but the ans. Is not in taking opiates again. If u taper ur subs you'll do much better in the long run. I can't speak for others but for me tapering caused no wd I mean zero. Good luck and let us no On Off-Off On (Take #3) things turned out. I've been addicted to opiates, oxycontin and oxycodone 30s specifically, for 2 years up until 2 months ago when i started taking suboxone illegally. I take between mg per day. Last sunday i took 4 mg and didnt take another dose until tuesday and then again on wednesday which was 8mg total.

So i made it 6 days, and in a nine day span only took 8mg. Usually i can just stick it out and make it through the WDs but right now i have too many responsibilities and cannot endure 2 weeks of sub withdrawl. I've been through it one time before and at exactly two weeks felt completely better. So if you could it would help a lot to know how you did your taper. I'm in good shape and during withdrawls i work out which helps.

I have a high threshhold for pain so im not expecting it to be painless, just bearable Thanks a lot, i really appreciate it. I believe you are doing the right thing. You are supposed to take suboxone for about weeks just to get you through the withdrawals and then stop. I am not a doctor but have read so much about this medication which is a wonder drug if used correctly. On Off-Off On (Take #3) to your body and mind and keep up the exercising!!!

That will help to get your brain receptor's to start working on their own quicker. Good luck and I'd love to know how everything went or even how you are doing. Larsy :. Kinda a sticky situation i got myself into lol. I am on 2mg per day and am trying to get off completely. I have read a lot of our ideas. Does anyone out there while they are on the sub complain of extreme fatigue and severe depression?

If anyone has successfully got off it and noticed that the depression and fatigue go away? I was taking mg of oxycodone a day for a little over a year. I quit cold turkey on jan 31st and made it 20 days before I gave in and took 1 10mg Percocet. After the first 5 days of feeling like I had the flu and that impending doom feeling the next 15 days was a lot of anxiety and ok sleep.

That 1 Percocet led me back to oxy and within 2 weeks I was back up to around mgs. I stopped again on feb 26th and decided to try this sub taper. I waited 18 hours after my last oxy dose the took only a half a mg of sub around 6 am. I felt ok for hours then took another half. By the end of the day I was able to get by and feel ok on only 2mgs total. So I took the 2mgs for 3 more days taking half around 6 am and the other around 3. After the 4 days I cut down to 1.

Still taking half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Then I dropped to. After that I skipped a day then took. Then I quit. The most withdrawl I felt the whole Time was a little bit of anxiety and some mornings Id wake up soaked.

No impending doom feeling at all. I also tried to walk at least 1 mile per day and took a multivitamin and vitamin b. Most people on these boards have a hard time coming off because they were mislead by their doctors and were on ridiculously high doses for a long time so it had built up in their systems.

No horror stories here. Just put in the work and don't cheat with your doses or youll only hurt yourself. If I could do itanyone could. Oh and I'm not a dr. Just wanted to share my experience with suboxone. Just try and figure out the lowest dose that you can tolerate. You shouldn't reduce before taking the same dose for at least 4 days because the long half life of the sub.

If your stable in 2mg just drop to 1. If your ok then drop to 1. You won't feel perfect but good enough to do what needs to be done. Ok folks here is my honest to God Story! I had to take opiates for an immune disorder that attacked my muscles for six years.

My Dr. I discovered a juice that actually cured the immune disorder, but I was left with the opiate addiction. Yes, my body was addicted! This same Dr. Long story short In hindsight I would have taken this reduced dosage for two weeks. Since I do not have an addictive personality, I was able to use Loritab to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Loritab will not work for at least four days so be prepared to have the worst flu in your life. Unfortunately, your opiate receptors will be thrilled to have opiates again, but I was desperate for sleep. There is much more I can share, but I want to keep to answering the question. I have recently discovered the form of vitc you are referring to - can you elaborate a little more about using it for withdrawals from sub. Im on 32mgs daily over last 2years and want to begin tapering off. I am now tapering down after a year and a half.

I am currently on 8mg film strips not the pills. I take 2 of them a day. I cut them in half and take in morning, afternoon, dinner-time, and before bed. I remember when I first began taking them over a year ago They made me feel so good that I was taking more than I should have been taking, and i'd run out about 2 weeks early sometimes And I went ballistic. I was sweating like a pig. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep, and I really mean that, I got maybe 2 hours of broken sleep a night, thats it.

So please guys, take as prescribed, I learned my lesson well and now follow it to a t. You will succeed in tapering. It won't be hard. Do not listen to some stories that scare you. Trust me please, it won't be that hard. Just follow exactly what the dr.

Says and you will be fine. I do have to say that I gained about lbs from taking this stuff, and after you take it, you sweat like a pig. So what you really gotta do to let it work right is take it, sit comfortably in front of a fan blowing right at you, and either take a minute nap, or read a newspaper.

Thats the best way to let it work. You must be calm when taking it or it wont work. We all have different ways of dealing with this I see from different comments, so Im sure some will agree and totally disagree with me but thats ok, because thats life. I'm not a dr. So don't listen to my advice without consulting your dr. Im just here to give my story. But remember, suboxone doesn't come to and end ever.

If you need it you can always tell your dr. And he can keep you on it, or at a certain dose for a longer period of time. It will never just go away. You can always tell your dr. You believe you still need it. Or need at least a smaller dose to get through the days of maybe feeling withdrawal. Trust me on this one. But remember, this is all our own faults why we are on this. We did this to ourselves. We dug our graves, now lets fill them in with dirt and go back to living a normal life.

That's all I want. A normal life. No pills, no drinking, smoking, absolutely nothing. It's going to happen, I have faith in myself and more importantly, god above. That's my belief. Good luck to all here and if you ever need to talk about anything I will always be willing to talk about it. Have a good day all and remember, it will pass. All it takes is time. God bless you all. You are not alone!!! Remember that!!! I quit smoking cigarettes. I can probably do this. I was reading about a supplement called Calm Ease and heard great reviews.

Mind over matter and willpower is key. I'm asking my Dr about a taper this month. I'm willing and ready. Eventually I will get better. Success stories will encourage me. Please send to me. Hi, I'm I need of help I'm on suboxn illegally because I cant afford going to the doctor and I need to come off of it without bad WD I have a 1 year old so when I've tried to just quit it's been to hard with taking care of him.

I'm doing a half a day and have been for a year how do I ween off of it? One more thing. I don't have access to that but if it helps most of it then I'd stick to just one med. But the gabapentin and relaxers helps so much! U punch in your current last 10 days dose and it calculates your doses for the next 10 days so u can wean off with minimum withdrawals. You use the chart and your own body judgement. Great info on the page also!! You guys we got this! We can do it!! I'm taking the big leap and I'm in good spirits!

Love your attitude. Anyone on these sites please be open minded about psychosomatic symptoms. People are paid to post No other p.

I told the owner of my sub clinic that and he actually got mad Don't get me started. LeapOfFaith can you clarify this website helpmetogetoffdrugs.

I'd love to check that out, so if you or anyone else can redirect me I would be so grateful! You should not withdrawal bad if you've only been taking it for 3 months Your best bet is to tough it out I know it's going to be hard but that'll be your best bet.

I know this is a very old thread but this sub taper method is still relevant even today. I did the taper mentioned and have had great success and I get down to 1 MG and go right back up its not hard to go down to 1 MG but I don't seem to be able to get past this point and it's not the withdrawal symptoms it's my brain telling me I'm in for a bad trip and don't rightly know how to get past this point in my taper.

It's really not as bad as people make it On Off-Off On (Take #3). I actually did a really fast taper when I found out I was pregnant and my worst symptom was insomnia. The insomnia lasted for 6 weeks. Other than that I had diarreah for a week and felt really tired. I never got sick, I never got depressed. I had very minor restless legs, but I took hylands restless legs medicine which is all natural, and it worked. I went from 8mg to 6mg over night.

I took 6mg for 2 days. After the insomnia went away I felt back to normal. But like you i mentally waited and waited for all hell to break loose.

The more i googled, the more sacred i was. So i stopped googling and Hope for the best, and I was ok! Hope this helps. Fg I did about the same as you but went from 16 Mg to 8 mg over night and then the next week I went to 4 the next to 2 then 1 and have been down to. And then have to just go back So I keep my monthly visit but only get what I need for the month in sub four 8 mg strip.

It's definitely in your mind and I get it, but only you can help that aspect of it. You can do it, if I cam, you can. I did it pregnant and with 2 other young kids to take care of.


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