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Un numar mare de noi stiluri si sub-stiluri a rap-ului au inceput sa apara cand hip hop-ul a inceput sa devina popular si se combinau piesele rap cu rock,techno,reggae. Intre timp,in a aparut prima trupa hip hop feminina,Salt-N-Pepa,ce au ajuns in top in anul de debut cu single-ul "The Showstoppa". Colaborarea dintre Run DMC si Aerosmith la piesa "Walk this way" e un exemplu perfect de combinare a rap-ului cu rock-ul. Videoclipul acestei piese a fost primul video rap ce se bucura de mare popularitate pe MTV,in prezent fiind considerat un clasic.

Versiunea rapcore a acestei piese a fost prima din muzica rap ce a atins Top 5 in Billboard Hot InBeastie Boys lanseaza "Licensed to ill",se plaseaza direct in top pe primul loc cu albumul lor de debut inregistrat la Def Jam Recordings.

Albumul era un mix de rap si rock,continea parti din piesele trupelor Black Sabbath,Slayer si Led Zeppelin. Parti din piesele altora au fost modificate la extrem la acest album, astfel dovedit fiind faptul ca nu era limita la crearea melodiilor pe baze deja existente. Mesajele pozitive si textele hazlii ale trupei, impreuna cu melodiile alternative rap combinat cu jazz rap au transformat lucrarea lor intr-un exemplu ideal pentru albumele alternative rap ce au aparut in urmatorii ani.

Hip Hop-ul a fost mereu in contact cu comunitatea latino-americana din SUA,ceea ce a facilitat difusarea sa printre latinos. Albumul "Disco dreanms" lansat de The Mean Machine,ce contine versuri atat in engleza,cat si in spaniola,e considerat primul album latino Hip Hop,chiar daca Kid Frost,rapper latino din Los Angeles,este considerat cel mai important rapper latino.

Deseori apareau si dezbateri la care se discuta,de exemplu,daca Gerardo merita sa fie considerat artist Hip Hop pe deplin sa u e doar pop,in timp ce in America Latina,in tari ca Brazilia,Puerto Rico,Cuba,Republica Dominicana,Mexico au inceput sa creeze o scena locala a Hip Hop-ului,ce in scurt timp a devenit destul de popular. In anii ''92 au aparut si diferite sub-stiluri ale rapului latin,cum ar fi reggaeton - un mix portorican de ragga,reggae si rap,si menderap - un mix intre merengue si rap dominican.

Dupa ce Run DMC au pus bazele la East Coast rap, Afrika Bambaataa a lansat electro rap-ul, piesa sa "Planet rock" fiind un exemplu demn de urmat atat pentru beatmaker-ii din Hip Hop, cat si din restul industriei muzicale. Multi tineri din New York,Detroit,New Jersey au inceput sa compuna muzica dance electronica electroun stil influentat initial de hip hop, apoi de techno si house ,mai ales de piesele house din Anglia. In ,Public Enemy lanseaza "YO! Boom rush the show", iar un an mai tarziu apare si "By all means necessary" de Boogie Down Productions.

Ambele albume sunt cu continut politic, fiind primele lucrari rap de acest gen. In A Tribe Called Quest lanseaza "The low end theory" ce a fost declarat unul dintre cele mai reusite albume jazz-rap si in general, unul dintre cele mai bune albume din istoria Hip Hop-ului.

John Bush de la Allmusic a descris albumul drept: "One of the closest and most brilliant fusions of jazz atmosphere and hip hop attitude ever recorded". In Ice-T lanseaza single-ul "6'n'the morning" ce devine unul din primele succese west coast rap si pista de decolare pentru gangsta-rap. In NWA lanseaza "Straight Outta Compton",album ce a transformat gangsta rap-ul intr-o cultura aparte datorita subiectelor atinse:dezastrul social,ilegalitatea in evolutie,criminalitatea la limite. Acest stil a avut un succes extraordinar ani in sir,fiind dezvoltat de multi artisti,printre care Tupac si Mobb Deep,chiar si in prezent se simte destul de des prezenta sa in cultura Hip Hop.

In anii'90,gangsta-rap-ul incerca sa-si acceseze publicul,ceea ce s-a intamplat in ,cand Dr. Dre lanseaza "The Chronic". Chiar daca Gangsta rap-ul si G-Funk-ul dominau ca stiluri preferate de capitala rap-ului nu-si pierduse importanta, integrandu-se treptat cu noile curente rap. In ,Redman,de origine din New Jersey,ofera publicului albumul "Whut? Aceasta lansare,alaturi de "Enta da stage" de Black Moon si "Backdafuckup" de ONYX a produs crearea unui nou sub-stil rap - Hardcore rap,un stil agresiv,violent,atat in versuri cat si la melodii.

Mai tarziu acest stil a devenit sursa de inspiratie pentru Mobb Deep si B. In au debutat Nas cu "Illmatic" si B. Nas a fost declarat ca al doilea Rakim,datorita flow-ului sau poetic si pentru stilul sau creat din teme ce descriau viata de strada si filozofia;B. Aceasta confruntare,initial facuta in baza vanzarilor,in scurt timp a degenerat intr-o lupta personala Rap Pokolenie artistilor,in cazul de fata intre Tupac si B.

Aceasta lupta s-a incheiat in scurt timp,avand ca victime ambii rapperi rivali. In ,in timp ce lupta dintre casele de discuri era in toi,o trupa din Cleveland,Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,preluase o piesa de la Beatles ce,prelucrata,s-a transformat intr-un hit imediat:"The crossroads". Astfel,isi face aparitia oficial pe scena si midwest-ul,pe langa east si west coast. Stilul abordat de B.

As we can all attest, they have very short attention spans. Another result of the Internet is that Generation Z gains and loses focus with great ease. They are accustomed from birth to sensory overload, so naturally, the amount of time they require to filter through information is substantially decreased. This is both beneficial and detrimental, but it certainly contrasts the status quo. Millennials are the generation of overwhelming possibilities, whereas Centennials possess a keen and sharp ability to decide.

Are these the tell-tale marks of a Centennial? Perhaps, Rap Pokolenie, and honestly, it sounds like a breath of fresh air to this Millennial. Ari grieves the loss of her sister deeply, yet she resists visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. This gripping tale by prolific horror novelist, Holly Riordan, will keep you on the edge of your seat! This makes them more pragmatic than Millennials — who were raised to believe they can do anything, and should go after their dreams.

Well, on December 14th of last year, one of the members, Black Thought, performed one of the best freestyles in rap history. With it being over words, and 10 minutes long, it was a sight to behold. It was very influential, with it starting a conversation about the importance of lyricism in hip hop, the current generation of hip hop, and many other topics mentioned in the freestyle.

Well, this article is for me to mention the thoughts of this freestyle through the eyes of the new generation, centennials. While a lot may change about this generation over the next few […]. Public health officials raised the alarmed on an epidemic of gonorrhea and the emergence of the lethal acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS.

Because many had strong opinions on various subjects relating to sexuality, the sexual revolution exacerbated sociopolitical stratification.

Coupled with the sexual revolution was a new wave of feminism, as the relaxation of traditional views heightened women's awareness of what they might be able to change. Competition in the job market led many to demand equal pay for equal work and government-funded daycare services. Some groups, such as the National Organization for Women NOW equated women's rights with civil rights and copied the tactics of black activists, demanding an amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing equal rights, changes to the divorce laws making them more favorable to women, and the legalization of abortion.

But the feminist movement splintered because some became radicalized and thought that groups such as NOW were not enough. Such radical feminists believed that people should stop using gendered language, marriage should be abolished, and that the traditional family unit was "a decadent, energy-absorbing, destructive, wasteful institution," rejected heterosexuality as a matter of principle, and attacked "not just capitalism, but men.

Wade Yet despite their best efforts, mainstream American society changed. Many women entered the workforce taking a variety of jobs and thus altered the balance of power between the sexes.

By the early s, the baby boomers reached middle age and were starting to save for retirement, though not necessarily enough. Seeking to increase their income and thus savings, many started investing, pushing interest rates to the floor. Borrowing became so cheap that some investors made rather risky decisions in order to get better returns.

Financial analysts call this the "seeking yield" problem. But even the United States was not enough to absorb all these investments, so the capital flowed overseas, helping to fuel the considerable economic growth of various developing countries. This is supported by the articles of the late s identifying the increasing number of babies as an economic boom, such as a Newsweek article whose title proclaimed "Babies Mean Business", [75] or a Time magazine article called "Baby Boom. After the Chinese Communist Party opened up their nation's economy in the late s, because so many baby boomers did not have access to higher education, they were simply left behind as the Chinese economy grew enormously thanks to said reforms.

According to American demographer Philip Longman"even among baby boomers, those who wound up having children have turned out to be remarkably similar to their parents in their attitudes about 'family' values. Life in the late s and s was centered about the family and the family was centered around children. Due to the one-child policy introduced in the late s, one-child households have become the norm in China, leading to rapid population aging, especially in the cities where the costs of living are much higher than in the countryside.

InTime magazine reported on the religious affiliations of baby boomers. The boomers returning to religion were "usually less tied to tradition and less dependable as church members than the loyalists. They are also more liberal, which deepens rifts over issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Around the world, people are living longer than ever before. Global life expectancy has increased from 47 years in the s to over 6 in the mids.

As a result, the number of people older than 60 years of age has gone up over the decades, as has their share of the global population. However, the rate of population aging in the developing world is faster than among developed nations. Asia, South America, and the Caribbean are all aging rapidly. Globally, the ratio of the number of working-age people to those aged 65 and over—the support ratio—has fallen from These developments will fundamentally change the patterns of consumption in the global economy.

The global disease burden will also change, with conditions affecting the elderly, such as dementiabecoming more common. Any economic activities that depend on the cheap capital courtesy of the baby boomers will cease to be. Some countries, such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, have invested considerable sums of money on a variety of novel medical devices, robotics, and other gadgets to assist the elderly in their sunset years. Others, such as Austria and the Netherlands, have created specialized services for the elderly, among them dementia-friendly villages decorated with items and music from the s and s to help residents feel at home.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India passed legislation to incentivize people to provide more financial support for their elders. A paper by economists William G. Gale, Hilary Gelfond, Jason J. Fichtner, and Benjamin H. Harris examines the wealth accumulated by different demographic cohorts using data from the Survey of Consumer Finances. They find that while the Great Recession has diminished the wealth of all age groups in the short run, a longitudinal analysis reveals that older generations, including the baby boomers, have been able to acquire more wealth whereas millennials have gotten poorer overall.

This dramatic growth is due not just to baby boomers retiring en masse, but also to their spending habits. While previous generations generally preserved their wealth and passed it onto their children, many baby boomers prefer to spend their money on their own long retirement. The sheer number of baby boomers can put a strain on Medicare. According to the American Medical Student Associationthe population of individuals over the age of 65 will increase by 73 percent between andmeaning one in five Americans will be a senior citizen, Rap Pokolenie.

Inadvertising platform Criteo conducted a survey of 1, U. Of the baby boomers surveyed, 30 percent said they used some form of online grocery delivery service. By the mids, it has already become apparent that China was facing a serious demographic crisis as the population of retirees boomed while the number of working-age people shrank.

This poses Rap Pokolenie challenges for any attempts to implement social support for the elderly and imposes constraints on China's future economy prospects. In Europe, the period between the middle to the late twentieth century could be described as an era of 'mass politics', meaning people were generally loyal to a chosen political party. Political debates were mostly about economic Rap Pokolenie, such as wealth redistribution, taxation, jobs, and the role of government.

But as countries transitioned from having industrial economies to a post-industrial and globalized world, and as the twentieth century became the twenty-first, topics of political discourse changed to other questions and polarization due to competing values intensified.

But scholars such as Ronald Inglehart traced the roots of this new 'culture conflict' all the way back to the s, which witnessed the emergence of the Baby Boomers, who were generally university-educated middle-class voters. Whereas their predecessors in the twentieth century — the Lost Generation, the Greatest Generation, and the Silent Generation — had to endure severe poverty and world wars, focused on economic stability or simple survival, the Baby Boomers benefited from an economically secure, if not affluent, upbringing and as such tended to be drawn to 'post-materialist' values.

Major topics for political discussion at that time were things like the sexual revolution, civil rights, nuclear weaponry, ethnocultural diversity, environmental protection, European integration, and the concept of 'global citizenship'.

Some mainstream parties, especially the social democrats, moved to the left in Rap Pokolenie to accommodate these voters. In the twenty-first century, supporters of post-materialism lined up behind causes such as LGBT rights, climate change, multiculturalism, and various political campaigns on social media.

Inglehart called this the "Silent Revolution. Degree holders tend to favor tolerance, individual rights, and group identities whereas non-degree holders lean towards conformity, and maintaining order, customs, and traditions. In many major democracies, such as France, although the representation of women and ethnic minorities in the corridors of power has increased, the same cannot be said for the working-class and non-degree holders.

In the United States, especially since the s, working-class voters, who had previously formed the backbone of support for the New Deal introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, have been turning away from the left-leaning Democratic Party in favor of the right-leaning Republican Party.

The baby boomers became the largest voting demographic in the early s and helped to elect Ronald Reagan as president. In both Europe and the United States, older voters are the primary support base for the rise of nationalist and populist movements, though there are pockets of support among young people as well. In the study of U. Just as Paul Erlich's The Population Bomb hit the shelves, feminist movements were spreading all across the Western world.

As access to education improved and contraception became readily available, women during the s and s became a lot more willing to delay or eschew marriage and to reduce the number of children, if any, they had.

Because so many women during this period seized the opportunity to control their fertility, they have had a significant impact on the trajectory of human history. This intentional reduction of fertility occurred not just in Western countries, but also in places like India and Iran.

Consequently, the predictions of Erlich failed to match reality. This development paved the way for the phenomenon of population aging observed in many countries around the world in the early twenty-first century.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Generation born during the post—World War II baby boom, with birth dates generally from to For the video game, see Baby Boomer video game. For further information, see Mid-twentieth century baby boom. Timeline of major demographic cohorts since the late-nineteenth century with approximate dates and ages. See also: Aging of Europe. European countries by proportions of people aged 65 and over in See also: Aging in the American workforce.

The Sydney Morning Herald. Archived from the original on May 21, Retrieved May 21, CBS News. Retrieved August 24, PBS Newshour. Retrieved August 13, Austin, TX: Zeihan on Geopolitics. Population pyramids of the developed world without the U.

May 1, January 28, Daily Press. Newport, Virginia. Archived from the original on March 28, Retrieved March 28, Oxford English Dictionary. Table Live births, birth rates, and fertility rates, by race: United States, — Retrieved December 8, Retrieved April 20, Pew Research Center. March Retrieved May 8, May United States Census Bureau. Retrieved March 18, The Atlantic.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. December 23, Retrieved January 4, New York: Paramount Market Publishing. Australian Bureau of Statistics.

December 20, Social Research Center.


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    May 08,  · Rap pokolenie Lyrics: Yo / Trzeci Wymiar / Pork Pores Porkinson / Szad Akrobata / Nullizmatyk / Rap pokolenie / Prawie piętnaście lat, słuchajcie / To już naprawdę pokolenie, co? / To.
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    Pokolenie Lyrics: Jestem z pokolenia rapu co jak wchodzi na beat / To słyszysz chłopaku, że to, to ma skill, bo / Kiedy nawijam to nie mijam się z sensem, bo / Kiedy nawijam to skanduje to z.
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    Mar 28,  · Pokolenie 98 Lyrics: Pozdrawiam Harnol Gang / Pozdro Oskar / Lecimy kurwa tutaj / Mogę narzekać na ludzi dwa cztery, a potem doceniam ich piękno / .
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    Feb 10,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.
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    Ostatnie pokolenie rap miejskiego buszu [Scratche] [Zwrotka 3] Tylko bit i duchy przodków Reprezentuję PDG, kopalnię talentów samorodków I tak od początku, nosząc w środku ogień.
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    Polski rap to moje miejsce Nie żałuje [Zwrotka 4: Vander] Z naszej strony będzie tak Polski rap młode pokolenie Szacunek na start tym co od lat na tej scenie Mamy fart każdy skład ma swoje.
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    Istoria rap-ului isi are originile in NY,la inceputul anilor '70 si in prezent e in continua evolutie paralel cu celelalte elemente ale culturii Hip si orice alta istorie,aceasta se imparte in mai multe perioade mai importante,stabilite pentru a delimita perioada,artistii si stilul in continua schimbare.
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    "Tamagotchi" to drugi singiel zapowiadający wspólny projekt Taco Hemingwaya i Quebonafide pt. "SOMA 0,5 mg" Zamów album: Posłuchaj na S.

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