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Sundogs are formed from hexagonal ice crystals in high and cold cirrus clouds or, during very cold weather, by ice crystals drifting in the air at low levels.

These crystals act as prisms, bending the light rays passing through them. As the crystals sink through the air they become vertically aligned, refracting the sunlight horizontally so that sundogs are observed. Sundogs frequently display a reddish tint on the side facing the sun and may sport bluish-white tails that stretch horizontally away from it.

The sundog's tail is formed by light passing through the crystal Sun Dog angles other than the optimal deviation angle. Just because they are formed from ice crystals does not mean that sundogs can only be observed in cold climates. They can occur at any time of the year and from any place, although they are most visible when the sun is lower on the horizon in January, April, August and October. They also occur when ice crystals in the atmosphere are more common, but can be seen whenever and wherever there are cirrus clouds.

As the sun rises, the sundog can actually drift away from the degree point. Eventually the Sun Dog rises to a higher point to where the sundog completely disappears. Ancient Greeks came to realize that sundogs are fairly accurate rain forecasters. The ice crystals that produce the haloes and sundogs also form cirroform clouds, which make up the typical cloud formation that foretells a precipitating warm front.

Many Greek and Roman authors Sun Dog detailed descriptions of sundogs. The Greek philosopher Aristotle B. Only ice crystals that are flat and hexagonal—known as plates—can create halos. If the majority of these plate-shaped ice crystals are positioned with their flat sides horizontal to the ground, you will see a sundog.

If the crystals are positioned at a mix of angles, your eyes will see a circular halo without the distinct "dogs. Sundogs can and do occur worldwide and during all seasons, but they are most Sun Dog during winter months when ice crystals are more abundant. All that's needed for a sundog to form are either cirrus clouds or cirrostratus clouds ; only these clouds are cold enough to be made of the necessary plate-shaped ice crystals.

The size of the sundog will be determined by the size of the crystals. The sundog occurs when sunlight is refracted off of these plate crystals per the following process:. Does something about this process sound vaguely familiar? If so, it's because another well-known optical weather phenomenon involves the refraction of light: the rainbow! Sundogs may look like bite-sized rainbows, but inspect one closer and you'll notice that its color scheme is actually reversed.

Primary rainbows are red on the outside and Sun Dog on the inside, while sundogs are red on the side nearest the sun, with colors grading through orange to blue as you travel away from it. In a double rainbow, Sun Dog, the colors of the secondary bow are arranged in this same way. Sundogs are like secondary rainbows in another way too: Their colors are fainter than those of a primary bow. How visible or whitewashed a sundog's colors are depends on how much the ice crystals wobble as they float in the air.


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    Sun dog, atmospheric optical phenomenon appearing in the sky as luminous spots 22 degrees on each side of the Sun and at the same elevation as the Sun. Usually, the edges closest to the Sun will appear reddish. Other colors are occasionally visible, but more often the .
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    Jan 20,  · A sundog (or sun dog) is a bright, rainbow-colored patch of light that occurs on either side of the sun when it is low on the horizon—just after sunrise or before sunset, for instance. Sometimes, a pair of sundogs will appear—one on the sun's left, and another on the sun's right.
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    Ever seen a rainbow-colored patch of light on the side of the Sun? This is called a Sundog (or Sun Dog)! Discover this very cool phenononon, also called a "mock sun," how sun dogs form, and what they mean in terms of weather. Plus, how did they get that.
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    Dec 15,  · A sun dog is an atmospheric phenomenon where you can see additional bright patches in the sky on either side of the Sun. Sometimes you just see bright spots, and sometimes you can actually see an.
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    The colors usually go from red closest to the sun, out to blue on the outside of the sundog. Sundogs are also known as mock suns or parhelia, which means "with the sun". Sun Pillars: Sun Pillars appear as a shaft of light extending vertically above the sun, most often at sunrise or sundown.
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