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The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD)
Label: Toyko Bronx - none • Format: CD Compilation, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Cut-up/DJ

CW: Will the invasion ever be complete? SI: All kinds of spaces. CW: How does Space Invader feel about camouflage? SI: I often create camouflage space invaders, because when I locate a spot which is too. That is what happened in Avignon, a city in south France. I did a special camo invasion because the city is very historical and protected.

SI: I think there was the world before and the world after computers and digital technologies. Humans created computers but now they cannot walk back, they have to deal with it. CW: What artists and writers currently influence and inspire you? SI: I try not to be influenced by other artists, I like the work of some of them but that is not an influence for me. I prefer to look for influences in other areas than art. It is a book about Los Angeles. I also am publishing a book about my invasions in LA.

CW: Are you an optimist or pessimist about the state of world? What do you think the future holds for humans and Invaders? CW: Any final comments? SI: Invasion of Frank successful. The intention behind the DPM Identifiers is to draw attention to the artistic beauty of camouflage patterns, and to promote the use of camouflage outside of its military context.

The s Andy comes with a tambourine accessory and the s Andy comes with a cathode ray tube accessory. Both figures are available from www. Michael Lau began releasing 6-inch versions of his renowned one-off gardener figures in He used outlines of each character to compose figure-specific camouflage patterns for the packaging. Pictured here, the gardener Guilty Gardener figure. Available from www. Courtesy Pete Fowler.

Concept illustration of a Playbeast SprayCam Cardboy, Design: Mark James. The finished toy is available from www. Maschinen Krieger Ma. K scale Snake Eye figure, available from www. Kubrick versions of this series are available from www. Alfrex figures are available directly from www. The exhibition includes never seen before pieces on display and for sale and runs until 30 November. The SFCC figures are sold exclusively at the dpmhi store and online at www.

Customising your Medicom Kubrick, Be rbrick and B wbrick figures It may not have crossed your mind, but the compatibility of the connectors between the Kubrick, Be rbrick and B wbrick ranges means they are ripe for customisation.

All parts of the figures are push-fit only and can be easily separated by hand. Almost all the parts are interchangeable, allowing for numerous customisation opportunities. At 6—7 cm tall, Kubricks and Be rbricks are somewhere between and scale, which are both popular scales used by the modelling community. Therefore, you can create a diorama that features your Medicom figures using the huge variety of suitably sized buildings, scenery, vehicles and accessories widely available from model shops.

This can be done using either enamel or acrylic modelling paint. Even more ambitious customisers may want to sculpt appendages on their figures. Milliput modelling clay is recommended for this as it is very malleable and dries into an extremely hard surface that can then be painted.

Before applying the clay, prepare the surface to be customised as described above. Maharishi formed mahatoys in to encourage a positive change in the toy market.

The first release is this scale Piece and Munitions Dump in which to deposit any unwanted weapons from your action figure collection. In this picture the weapons amnesty is being coordinated by the Beastie Boys who were released without weapons by Medicom Toy Corp and a Blade Runner-era Harrison Ford.

Photo: Sam Handy. Camouflage Ninja crosses s Action Man rope bridge, Tokyo, The figure was designed by Jason Ng, a Hong Kong-based tae kwon do master. In the work of the British artist Toby Ziegler, geometric patterns are used to describe forms and landscapes. The repeat pattern is wrapped around every surface in a virtual space, and this disruption of the grid creates an image that is constantly shifting, alternately flattening out, and opening into deep perspective.

Enter Desire Artwork from the invitation to the Enter Desire exhibition based on a graphic used in the show. Life is a constant struggle for peace or balance and camo is a representation of the battle for balance. Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce must have influenced my style at a formative age.

I see it as a militaristic blend of art and nature. Santi White, Stiffed Do you associate camo with art and nature or the military? That probably depends on what day you ask me. Nemo, Documentarian Why do you wear camo? Do you associate camo with art and nature or the military? Picasso said the idea for camo came out of Cubism. What does camo represent to you? Being in harmony with my surroundings. Steele, 5 Star General My garb represents my militant mind.

God made me a Souljah when he blew the spirit on my lungs. My art is militant by nature. The art of my nature is militant. The garb reveals a state of mind, yet conceals a state of being. You have to adjust to your environment whether in the office or the field. It appears on the covers of the single and the DVD as well as throughout the video, The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD), which was made in conjunction with Shynola.

The imagery of the video was strangely prophetic of the bombings of September 11th and features aeroplanes dropping creatures into an environment that is being destroyed. With so many new-fangled mixing gadgets hitting the market today, Frank chatted with Primecuts about the changing face of DJ technology.

This limited edition version of the Vestax deck will be available from December from www. Tom Trinkle: Do you scorn the use of CD decks because your art is so vinyl-based? Primecuts: No not at all. Which is kind of where we are now! TT: Are you a member of a dying breed? Then he teamed up with Rick Rubin and it rejuvenated his career towards the end of his life. Everything in music dies at some point and then it comes back. With the whole DJing thing, I lost interest in scratching for years in the s, I got into drumming.

For me DJing had reached a really boring point. I found it exciting again as someone had really moved it The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) another level. It comes in fits and starts. You can get. Check their website at www. Something that had never been done. Frank So Jaguar Skills, tell us a bit about yourself. I used to be called Mat Ckillz. I used to publish Hip-Hop magazines in the UK. I mostly worked as a Hip-Hop journalist.

I then gave that up and started making tunes. The more I hung out with all these dope producers and musicians, the more I wanted to make music. In fact, the only reason I became a Hip-Hop journo, was, really, so I could discover and learn the secrets of making. But I am. F So why did you make your first CD entirely on two mini disk walkmen? I mean, HOW did you make it? It seems almost impossible. I just spent a whole year doing that - and hey presto - I made an album. Got some great reviews, and shit, I even managed to sell a few too.

JS: Yeah, but what is Hip-Hop? To me, HipHop was something that always broke new ground - something that was always at the cutting edge. Hip-Hop came from folks that never had anything, but because they never had anything, they took what they did have and made Hip-Hop. I know about Hip-Hop, the culture and mind frame. I spent 10 years interviewing the pioneers and creators of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop in its early days was visionary. People need to smile more, right? F So describe your sound, man.

JS: My music is like watching your favourite gung-fu movie. Like the A-Team. But not. T made a UFO from. Just find it, buy it and listen to it. F Finally Mr. Skills, tell the people about your new shit. F So, before we jet - any last words? Inall but one the original Radio Caroline were forced to close due to government regulations. By there were over illegal pirate stations in the UK. The government offered an amnesty to any stations closing down voluntarily and encouraged them to apply for an official licence, only KISS FM was successful in this respect and has remained a major player on the UK radio waves.

After a major downturn in the number of pirates, they experienced a resurgence in as part of the hardcore rave scene alongside the boom in home recording, independent record labels, white-label record releases and specialist record stores. The penalties were huge, but this period showed the biggest ever boom in pirate activity and continues to this day. Skaters, illustrators, clothing designers, fine artists, photographers, mechanics, authors, interior designers, musicians and more were all given a skateboard and told to do with it as they wished.

Check www. Berlin, Alexanderplatz April 02, 5: 37 AM Armed with my scalpel, I climbed the facade of the hotel on which is the Lavazza poster. I began the kidnapping, filmed by a friend down below, while observing the police patrols, who did not think to look up in the air. The following day, I created the poster for my next exhibition. The poster depicts the photograph of the hollowed panel after my intervention, and the cut-out and bound hostage figure.

I added the ransom demand to it and papered this poster all over Berlin. Fast forward ten years and both games were being sold at full price on the new generation of CD-based consoles.

That just goes to show how far ahead of technology curve these games were. Of course, gameplay was never their strong suit. Space Ace doesn't have much of an introduction.

Some dork and his hot girlfriend are being attacked on an asteroid in outer space, and the action unfolds so fast you might not know what's going on. A rock will flash if you're luckyindicating you need to jump towards it, and you have a fraction of a second to respond. If you're too late you'll watch an animation of the blue space villain taking pleasure in your demise. You get five lives but the checkpoints are so spaced out no pun intended you'll often need to repeat the same sequence of moves.

It's more a matter of memorization than skill, and watching the same scenes over and over is irritating. Beeps provide audio feedback, and you don't get penalized for early moves; just incorrect ones. Space Ace remains appealing thanks to the entertaining, whimsical animation of Don Bluth. The scenes are bursting with color and the characters animated with style and humor. Unlike other CD systems of its time, the 3DO could render these scenes in their full-screen, full-color glory.

Unfortunately frames of animation were lost, making the game even harder to play. The audio is strong with amazing robotic voices and zapping sound effects. You'd expect the home version of an arcade game to come with a slew options such as enabling clues or adjusting the difficulty, but nope! Considering Space Ace was never that great of a game to begin with, this barebones edition is a very tough sell. There's an interesting concept buried in this game, but I'm not sure it's worth exploring or should remain buried.

Space Hulk appears to be another generic first-person shooter on the surface, but it also contains a healthy dose of real-time strategy. Playing the game involves directing a squad of well-armored "terminator" robots on a series of missions through monster-infested labyrinths. Successfully completing these missions requires issuing specific orders to each robot such as follow, advance, retreat, cover, and open door. Although these are issued via an overhead map, you can take direct control of any robot at any time, causing the screen to switch to a first-person view.

With this point of view, you can move around freely and engage in shooting or hand-to-hand combat. I spent a good portion of the game playing from the map view, manipulating robots as if they were pieces on a board. Space Hulk's graphics are exceptional, showing off the 3DO's ability to render rich textures and realistic lighting.

As you roam the hallways, the doors and walls look nearly photo-realistic. Unfortunately, the frame-rate is lousy, and consequently navigating the hallways is more awkward than it should be. The well-designed creatures look fearsome especially up closeand blasting them results in a generous amount of blood sprayed over the walls. I gave it a chance, but to be honest, Space Hulk is not my kind of game.

I like the concept of issuing orders to the other robots and working as a team, but that's easier said than done. The game favors strategy over mindless shooting, and there's a major learning curve involved. In addition, the robots move slowly, and the gameplay seems to drag at times.

I was able to complete some of the early missions, but as the objectives grew more complex, Space Hulk started to give me a headache. Only the most patient gamers will be able to fully appreciate this one.

May contain pirates Contains Full Motion Video. Interactive live video is the future of video games! Everybody knows that! Believe it or not, this was the conventional wisdom of the game industry in the early 90's, and that explains why we have embarrassments like Space Pirates. Judged on sheer cheesiness alone, it's hard to believe that this was produced in the 's. It more closely resembles one of those low-budget music videos from the early 80's.

Space Pirate's shallow gameplay involves aiming a cursor and shooting at live-action "space pirates" that jump out of the scenery.

You can also use a light gun if you own one of these ultra-rare 3DO peripherals. As you might imagine, the production values are rock bottom and the acting is so awful that it's almost worth watching. The general quality would suggest the footage was filmed by high school student in a rented warehouse, and the acting skills are a notch below those you'd witness at a neighborhood haunted house around Halloween.

And here's a big surprise: the gameplay absolutely sucks. You don't have much time to react to the action onscreen, but once you've been through a scene, you know where the people will pop out.

I don't know how this plays with the light gun, but I found the controller pad to be pretty [expletive] sorry. Making matters worse, each time you mess up some old man rags on you about how you let everybody down. At least I'm not stuck in some crummy FMV game! Topping things off, it's downright disconcerting when the evil villain says "winners don't do drugs!

Wait a second - since when do we listen to the bad guys? Does this mean we should do drugs? Mixed messages like this are what put teenagers on a path to drug addiction, crime, and despair.

Fortunately, no teenagers actually played this game, because their were too busy playing good games on their Genesis and Super Nintendo systems. Like Battlezone updated for the 90's, Stellar 7 puts you in a floating tank on colorful distant planets, blasting any polygons that move. Too bad it's saddled with a ridiculous name that makes people not want to play it!

Draxon's graphics are commendable, with clean visuals and an exceptionally smooth frame-rate. While tracking down alien craft using your handy radar display, you can also employ special powers using buttons that line your dashboard. I was expecting these powers to elevate Draxon's Revenge to "the next level", but was disappointed at how lame most of these are.

One is a cloaking device, and another lets you detect enemies with cloaking devices. There's one that lets you ram enemies, and another that lets you drop mines snore. Even the "super cannon" is only a marginal improvement over your default weapon. Enemy tanks are pretty tame, but the flying "skimmers" are pain in the ass because you really need to lead your shots to nail those bastards. There are some very nice explosion effects, and crystal clear techno music really helps you get into a groove.

The instruction manual recommends that you "keep moving", and that's probably the best advice I've ever heard in my entire life. Otherwise you're a sitting duck. Once your tank is destroyed, you can record your high score to a top ranking chart. Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge is a little predictable and could use some pizzazz, but it serves its purpose as a slick arcade shooter for the 3DO.

May contain dragons Contains Full Motion Video. FMV games never really caught on but I still find them fascinating for some reason. The game's intro tells an incomprehensible tale of an old wizard who forces some guy to endure a series of tests to obtain eight gems. It sounds like the narrator is reading to a kindergarten class for crying out loud. Strahl is an agile fellow thrust into a series of chaotic situations. The danger is non-stop as the ground crumbles beneath his feet and giant creatures try to swallow him whole.

The stages are selectable which really helps the replay value for a game like this. In a typical stage you slay golems with your sword while leaping between falling rocks. The full-screen animation is on par with old Japanese cartoons like Speed Racer, but not quite up to Dragon's Lair standards. As you watch the action unfold arrows prompt you to quickly dart in a certain direction or swing your sword. Sometimes you need to rapidly tap the B button to charge your "power meter", and that's pretty neat.

If you die you'll need to restart the stage, but since they're only a few minutes long it's no big deal. After a while you start to memorize the moves but your lives and continues are limited. You can't always tell what's going on but the non-stop action is always exciting. You'll battle giant snakes, animated statues, a white dragon, and a huge marshmallow man.

There's no score but there are eight stages and 45 different endings based on your performance. Strahl is better than your garden variety FMV title, and I think it might appeal to anime fans. I have mixed feelings about this game. Yes, Street Fighter 2 is a classic 2D fighting game, but this version isn't as great as it could have been.

They seem somewhat fuzzy, and some colors flicker. The music sounds a little jazzier than the SNES, but the voice samples are muffled. Perhaps the biggest letdown is the fact that this game didn't support my six-button controller I think it requires a special controller.

It's still playable with a three-button controller five including the shoulder buttonsbut that "P" button does NOT cut it as a sixth button and don't try to tell me otherwise! The game has three speed settings: Level one is like slow-motion ughand level three is insanely fast forget itbut level two is just about right. I was really surprised to see Zangief's glove, Dhalsim's upward flame, and Blanka's jump-spin. This is the kind of stuff that makes Street Fighter fans feel giddy as a schoolgirl.

Street Fighter 2 on the 3DO is somewhat of an underachiever, but considering the system, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything much better! Ported from the PC, this first-person space shooter leveraged all the technology of its era including pre-rendered cut-scenes, digitized graphics, and an epic musical score.

You play the role of a novice pilot on a large vessel called the Tiger Claw. In the lounge area you'll converse with fellow pilots with distinctive personalities. Their illustrated faces are static except for moving lips and eyes. It looks unnatural as hell - but kind of funny.

Their over-the-top ethnic accents suggest that they hail from around the world. Each mission is preceded by an elaborate flight preparation sequence which shows your pilot being fitted with armor and transported to his ship via a series of automated contraptions.

It's fun to watch! After launch you'll experience a brand of space shooting that feels like an evolution of Star Raiders Atari Your cockpit view is loaded with gauges and screen displays, and your hand can be seen gripping the flight stick at the bottom of the screen. The dogfighting action is fun thanks to red brackets that highlight enemy ships and blue brackets that indicate allies. A handy arrow in the center of the screen directs you to the nearest enemy if they happen to be out of view.

I like the idea of fighting alien ships as a team, and you can even convey orders to your wingman like "form up" or "attack my target".

It's exciting to hear both your allies and enemies over your radio "I shall eat your heart! You're armed with both guns and missiles, but they tend to be fairly weak and their sound effects muted. It's not uncommon to have your weapon systems knocked out early, forcing you to limp through the remainder of your mission. I'd had them ages and I knew I'd never get another pair like them.

So when my girlfriend said I should've worn something else, I lost It. Dig time. I never sow her ogoin after that. A style available for the first time since the 60s. T hink you know Eminem? We at Muzlk, however, DO know Eminem. Enough, In fact, to test your asses on Slim Shady. Answers are at The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) bottom of the page, upside down like in a quiz book.

In return for use of a sample? Muzik is available in large print or Braille on request. Not bad. But you only got Into him because you liked Dido's voice. Available at Psyche, Aspecto, Wade Smith. Brother 2 Brother, Arena Menswear. Or call And, rather incredibly, she has actually entered rap battles. Gains street- level points for jailbird dad Jonathan. At the MAW party, the luckiest of guests were blessed with a super- limited edition set of specially produced seven- inches, all In a neat and mega- collectable logo-ed box.

Huge Ebay bids are a certainty. David helped launch the DJ careers of Daft Punk and Motorbass, although he remains surprisingly humble about his central position in the birth of the French house scene. Fast forward a decade and David is now a proper Gallic pop champ. I was finishing a track and had distortion in my left ear, so we made a record out of it. I never thought it would be a success. But you British are very strange. Dressed in the latest sportswear labels like Pike and Moscheepo geddit?

Go to www. And who did B think should have won Instead? With blisteringly cutting-edge names like that, we should watch morning more often. TV Diarrhoea Or maybe not. Richard and Liberty. It's also a bit rich coming from someone whose own songs all sound like Underworld, only rubbish.

And that's actually a very good idea. A micro-remote reduces the risk of muscle strain too. Info: www. Expansive highs, great mid-rangewarmth and a thunderous bass.

But when we turned It up really loud, the baby next door started crying - result! Creative; www. The mids are a bit too weak for our ears, however.

And porn. Info: MicroWarehouse:www. Weighty and nIgh-on unbreakable too. Though the only knob to play, with Is the volume control. Lookslike a really, really expensive.

HKV noMU. N VVOf? But at times, their art could seem a little complex. Until now, that is. Even if nothing else about Hef does these days. We suspect Oxide. Neutrino and an unknown third sniper. Or, failing that, a former murder suspect who most of the country would like to see In jail. PC No Dogs were harmed in the making of this article. Arlwa "Grass-roots people, especially in the reggae scene, have always spoken out and challenged the system.

Again, the title speaks for itself. Mahalia speaks to the human spirit and gives us a temporary respite from this pathetic world. The standard edition will be a 2xCD club mix. Also available will be 2 limited edition, individual Afterclub mixes from Dubfire and Sharam respectively. Air Air have just completed the soundtrack to an Italian novel. We asked Jean-Benoit Dunckel how much more arty the duo can get.

J-BD "Maybe this album. Ifll be put in January! Wo don't say these things toput sex to ; forecasts. If we wanted to shock inspiretion foradverts. There he goes again, being illegal: driving across Hampstead Heath, all back-spinning wheels, lurching across the grass.

Better than being. Which makes him the managing director of, erm, himself. The last we heard of him was around the time of The Brits, when he was nominated for four of the poptastic trinkets. His eyes are huge discs of melting chocolate, his teeth, charismatic tombstones of varying size and shape. This is sober Mike Skinner, scoffing a bowl of ravioli, a calm, wry. In this way. The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) get locked into getting bollocksed.

Almost like a fix. And if I get my fix. His first ever visit to Reading was last August, when he played there, although he seems more enthused about the Inverse- bungee ride they had on site than any other aspect of the festival experience.

If someone pushed me, if it was a bungee push, I could do that! I have to go [massive smile, no teeth]. Well - maybe not so big. Although Pharrell from the Neptunes is a lot taller. I like Girls Aloud. If I get really pissed I start getting abusive. Going 'fuck off, fuuug off! Nah, nah, nah. Apparently, it makes you absolutely loopy juice.

People have seizures from it as well. So in the right circumstances. Until I start drinking. When I was younger, It was all the time. Are you bored about drugs? Or maybe it is. A lot of Americans I know do a lot of drugs but you never hear them talk about it [reaches over and picks up tape recorder]. So, what are these buttons? When I was in Vegas in this casino, they had a TV in the tiles in the bathroom. Imagine removing two tiles from your bathroom.

And replacing those tiles with glass and then behind that glass having a TV. But having a TV in your bathroom, how cool would that be? Wed, not for women, maybe.

For men! Instead, he has a strange theory about age and the pleasure principle. To pure enjoyment. When I was young I was always down, but some of the best times of my life were when I was younger.

Mike genuinely seems to feel the fame, money, glory and success account for a negligible change In the contents of his soul. All I really do is make the music. Why would they give me the book otherwise? Like a video.

Prone to epileptic fits, he became a temperamental, skateboarding teenager who was always being robbed, who cleaned toilets for a living or worked in Burger King. He made a hopeless facsimile of American hip hop for years, became disillusioned enough to leave Britain, aged 19, following a girlfriend to Sydney who almost immediately dumped him. Like, this isn't hectic now, is it? And this is about as hectic as it gets. How could that be intense?

Intense is having pound rent to pay, only a tin of tuna to eat, someone who owes you 60 quid for a gram of Charlie they had off you three weeks ago. It could do if you wanted it to. Intense is having pound rent to pay, only a tin of tuna to eat and someone who owes you 60 quid for a gram of Charlie" With success comes the tendrils of your past coiling themselves round your neck, reminding you where you came from.

SK, I do feel for him, cos I was influenced by him a lot. See, I can do sad, happy, angry. Do you worry people will pinch your ideas if you talk about them? This Are you ready? Audio Bullys. Erol Alkan. Pure jazz-funK, very groovy, and you can get lost In It.

Tho effects are brilliant. This Is a very druggy tune. It s got a tough bassline and epic, soaring strings. A real mind-twister.

In we thought we were going to have to cancel it, what with the hangover from 's awful weather and the threat of foot and mouth. Ultimately, I'd like Homelands to be like a dance music Glastonbury. Then, as soon as the headline act : comes on. Jeff Mills last year: the way that guy performs and the effort he puts in t:.

Ever 1. Basement Jaxx. Punters initially think, Eh?! They've 4. I'm sure you'll 'Woo woo' along with it all the way home. Casablanca ; - 'The vocal Is so teary and lovely. Warm, cuddly but with a snarl, like Luther Vandross. Get your dancing clogs on and have it all summer long with these. Old Liverpool Airfield. Speke, Merseyside When? Saturday August 23rd bank holiday weekend2pm-6am What? This year, Bugged Out! Scandinavian odd balls Gus Gus. And, if you want to take your bank holiday to the brink, you can dovetail Creamfields with Netting Hill Carnival!

How Much? Saturday August 16th - Sunday August 17th What? I How Much? Saturday July 26th, 4pm-7am What? The all-conquering Midlands stomp-merchants return for the third year running.

As far as arenas go. Balado, Near Kinross. Perth and Kinross, Scotland When? Saturday July 12th - Sunday July and 13th What? As usual. Slam have tempted the techno aristocracy, including Laurent Gamier, Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke, out for the weekend. I Venue TBC Leeds, Friday August f 22nd - Sunday August 24th I Despite The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) In the most part I populated by grumpy a adolescents In dog collars, 3 this double-headed festie 3 does always provide an oasis i of sense in a field of badly : applied mascara In the form of their dance tent.

Saturday July 12th - Sunday July 13th What? An essential part of the Irish summer. Charlie, Champion Burns and Paul Glazby. Available at any HMV store or online at www. Excludes R. Offer applies to stickered products only - see instore for details.

Skin up, out and fall over. Plllon, Somerset i ' When? Thursday June 26th - Sunday June 29th you need to ask, then you've been living under a stone for the past lit quarter of a century - and not an ancient, druidical kind of stone either. A fine combination of dance music and wakeboarding, whatever that is. South Bank Centre, London When?

Tuesday June 10th - Sunday June 29th What? This year Lee 'Scratch' Perry is in ; : : charge. Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire When?

Friday August 1st - Sunday August 3rd What? The gorgeous grounds of Eastnor 3 Castle in the Malvern Hills welcomes the H more civilised, soap-loving festival-goer. An undisclosed location in the J southwest of England j When? World music! M www. It has an amazing sound system and there are 35, people just going crazy. There's a Roots marquee, a performing arts marquee, a classical one and the special Blackout The Journalist Scientist - Jaguar Skills - Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack (CD) where you can, er, enjoy' experimental cinema.

In the evenings there's the Big Top where local spinners promise to play funk and soul www. All round the country, at all the very best tests, all summer long. For years, visiting corporate-sponsored tents at festivals was like being plunged into a strange demi-monde.

At Strongbow, however, they do things differently. Jim Byers Bar Rumba. Ibiza and Martin Metcalf Klndeigarten Club. Powei FM. I The Strongbow Rooms : can be found at. Dance in the sun, or get serious, deep and leftiield. Or both! Various venues, Barcelona, Spain Ifiiiij When? Thursday June 12th - Saturday June 14th What? An excellent multi-media festival spread across three days and two nights, with the emphasis solely on quality electronic music of all kinds.

Situated in the heart of the Catalan capital Barcelona, Sonar always pulls in the Premier League of DJs, record labels and artists and this, their tenth event, is no exception. Spaarnwoude Recreational : Area, Amsterdam j When? Valencia When? Friday August 8th - Sunday : ; : August 10th : i : What? US alt. Improvements this year include better camping sites and a bigger venue.

The party doesn't stop till 5am either - result! How much? Saint Malo, Brittany, France When? Friday August 15th - Sunday August 17 th What? Now into its 13th year, LRDR takes place near an ancient fort in the seaside resort of Saint Malo and boasts both a free campsite and shuttle buses to and from the event.

With a capacity that stretches to just over 20, the line-up includes international artists of the highest calibre. Hart Plaza. Detroit When? Saturday May 24th - Monday May 26th What? A free electronic music festival in downtown Detroit that has previously attracted over one million attendees, organised by the techno-tastic triumvirate of Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig.

Free Information: publicity hightechsoul. A touring festival that pulls in : some of the biggest and best f rock and dance acts from i around the world 4 I www. It s near the road with the big tree! My best festival moment? Hand-picked by Vienna's finest Richard Dorfmeister, with Farda P's distinctive vocal charms added to the mix.

Goodbye Swingtime confirms Matthew Herbert as one of the most inventive and singular talents in UK music. Resident DJ Ivan Smagghe showcases some of its essential sounds on this flawless mix.

Full of his trademark deep soulful house from the dark minimalism of the title track through to the pure unadulterated jazz of Sweet Yesterday. This is a Detroit classic in the making. It was the end of us in England, really.

I can see it for the pile of old shite it is. When I was younger, I thought all these famous people like Bowie and Bolan were just born famous. I had no ambition. The timing was bad; it was the morning my wife's mother died.

So, we put it out that we were going to sue Popbitch, and straight away they phone us. They were fucking shithouses.

Thank god for those freaky kids. Acid house fucking killed creativity, people dropping out and doing this shaky little dance. I was given diplomatic immunity because people thought I was part of a bad trip. I should be in bed or ] immersing myself in a hot bath and something by Bret Easton Ellis while.

How the! Well, about 16 years ago, around I about the time I discovered girls I and a fine downy hair on certain I parts of my body, I got into hip hop. And then, thanks I to bloody Eminem and his glorified teen flick. A friend e-mails me a particularly I good idea, but It involves me rapping j I backwards for a bit.

The competition works like this - 1 16 MCs are drawn against each I other. Rap clearly. Would you cheer [ someone who rapped like f Gareth Gates with a mouth full of sawdust? Crowds lap up lyrics about current events, stars and [ news given a funny spin. Unless you're a genius. It sounds [ rubbish. Of course not: that was a I script. It wasn't even real. It was a film. If you know your lyrics back to front, you might [ even be able to adapt them to the [ person you're battling.

I getto the bit about Muzik Magazine and lose it. And then, light He loses his thread and I come in, more I confident gesticulating to the crowd, turning and Jabbing my finger at MC Impenetrable opposite me. One of I my punchlines draws a hearty laugh. Almost unbelievably, there are a few worse than me. But there are also a few who would kick my ample ass with a mouth full of bees.

True hip hop heads have always cherished them, of course, and great freestylers such as Supernatural and Skillz are revered in the hip hop community. There are already a lot of organised DJ and breakdancing competitions, but not so much for the MC. Archer, my foe, looks like the biz and gets some applause when he comes at me with a tight tirade.

My turn. I make allusions to him being handicapped and sucking off his dad. Yes, I am big and I am clever! The crowd are! I choke. It all disappears from my head.

I can feel time slow, and a night that was previously flying now stretches out like an endless vista. Frustration builds. I had him on the rack! After the euphoria of my palpable hits, this is i slow, live torture.

One last roll of the I dice, I kick in again. I shrug, and resign. A second round knockout. An Eighties revival? A product of the underground it may bo. His secret? London Elektricity, like their label, have risen to prominence without sacrificing their ideals. Anti- America, rather than Anti-American. There are no headphones, no click track, no playback. Absolutely everything Is played live - "so we can speed up and slow down and react to the crowd.

Much harder than turning up at a venue with a bag of dubplates. The Jungle Drummer Is that musician. Mental breaks are back! The idea being - it starts slow and gets, erm, progressively faster [Genius! Tom ' Middleton. Grooverider and Zinc each building the tempo in turn.

From Bristol. Roni Size-affiliate Clipz foes dark but Qever dreary. V making this the year for new talent. Everyone wants a piece of his ragga hip hop style. Interestingly, the two outfits hate each other, and exchanged dubplate slaggings this year. Two lads who feel the 1 atin vibe are Danny C and DK. The first is a scene come good, the latter a European with an anthem. Check Bailey Sundays llpm-lam, IXtra bbc. Andy C thinks so.

His Radio 1 show is going from strength to strength, too. How does it feel to be live on air? People from all over the world are making wicked contributions.

Reinterpretations from the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Stereolab. Doctor Rockit and King Britt. This World' is a blend of broken beats, classic house ff Detroit techno.

One of the essential Die productions, and a track that seems to sum up everything that Bristol was about at that time. A true classic. Percussion doesn't get much more intense than this.

Not too hard, not too grungy. Made to make your limbs water. Addiction: "A lot of people forget the stuff Total Science produced as Funky Technicians, but this shows that they can still be as liquid as anyone. Another modern classic.

This tranced- out little stepper is more evidence of his vast talents. Not content with playing host to every serious junglist from Goldie to Grooverider via Roni Size and erm, Todd Terry, Movement have hosted events in Brazil, the States and now at Homelands. Nor will its diversity. Movement Radio is every Thursday 9pm - 11pm on www. COM wWw. Do you remember?

Panjabi MC might deliver a more complete album later in the year. Arranger Peter Wraight then turned his songs Into a score for trumpets, trombones, saxophones, bass, drums and piano. Then Herbert loaded the results Into his computer to give us his distinctively recontextualised take on a musical form that for most people disappeared along with powdered egg and Pathe newsreels.

They were all very cool about it, though. You'll not hear a more confident album all year. Just when does a joke stop being funny? Well, erm, this very instant. Slightly eccentric too. He never gives interviews, preferring instead to let his work do the talking, but if his goal is musical eloquence, the man born Kenny Dixon Jnr hits the target here. So, is Moodymann a knob short of a full ? Who cares when the results are this good? Moon trapped in a squash. And it's acel Essential.

Muzik An eclectic album with class written all over it.


Unhappy - Papermoon - Only During Thunderstorms (CD, Album), Adios Amor - Frederic Francois* - Histoire De Ma Vie - Volume 3 (Vinyl, LP), Sweetest Time - Norris Man* - Sweetest Time (Vinyl), You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often / Swing 42 - Summit (10) - The Tall Brown Grass (Vinyl, LP), La Lepre Nella Luna - Angelo Branduardi - La Pulce DAcqua (Vinyl, LP, Album), Las Palmas - Peter Thomas / Sten Clift - Sound Music Album 1 (Vinyl, LP), Christine Sixteen - Kiss - Los Angeles Rock City 2014 (CD, Album), Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini - Stars On 45 - Long Play Cassette (Cassette), Im Gonna Be Alright - Jennifer Lopez - The Reel Me (CD), Roy Buchanan - Thats What I Am Here For/Rescue Me (CD), That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd Band* - Gold & Platinum (Cassette), MEDITATE - BluntOne & Mujo情 - REEL STREET JAZZ (Vinyl, LP), UK Electronica Festival Preview - Various - Re:Mix 2 (CD), The Shades Of Eternitys Chamber


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack on Discogs.
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    Former journalist at The Downlow, Blues & Soul and Fatboss under the name Mat C/Matt Ckillz. Jaguar Skills: Ho! - Revenge Of The Ninja 2 Revenge Of The Ninja: Original Mini Disk Soundtrack ‎ (CD, Comp, Promo) Toyko Bronx: US: Sell This Version: DJ Mixes.
  3. Kajizilkree   Doujas
    Two years ago DJ Jaguar Skills released “Revenge Of The Ninja” - a breakthrough underground gem that - amazingly - was produced entirely on two portable mini-disk walkmen. Something that had.
  4. Kern   Mazurg
    va-toolroom knights mixed by jaguar skills jaguar skills and djatwar-9 levels of power (original mix)-alki down jones-torn apart (run dmt remix)-alki torqux-bare night (original mix)-alki tantrum desire-the law (original mix)-alki friction-stand up (feat camo and krooked and dynamite mc - original .
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    The Drum Media entered the Perth landscape with a view to bring the ethos of its iconic East Coast brothers to the vibrant music scene that had developed in Perth. For past 18 months, The Drum.
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    May 23,  · Adam Parness, Global Head of Publisher & Original Content Licensing Calendar Year Mai La Macchina Unknown Digital Phonorecord Deliveries, as set forth in 17 U.S.C. Sec. including, but not limited to, interactive streams and limited downloads. GP4zBr89AdinPhaA7vb affirmed Fideikommiss Tredje Uppgiften.
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    Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Thumbs! found ( total) alternate case: thumbs! Thumb signal (2, words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article A thumb signal, usually described as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward.
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    You can have a go on the latest technology, share ideas and creative skills, learn from the professionals or try out music, film and radio production. It’s all free, and open to all 13 –
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    Science and Nature, Nos. - A Letter to Gorbachev and Other Adventures in Marxist Philosophy for Natural Scientists, Lester Talkington Coming Home Again, Peter H. Riddle X Adobe InDesign CS - Industrial-Strength Page Layout Techniques, Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner.

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